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    by Tony Edwards


Pantomime Script: 'Cinderella' by Tony Edwards

The classic tale of the downtrodden Cinderella overcoming the evil plans and schemes of her ugly stepsisters. She is helped by the ever-loyal Buttons, and, of course, by the magic of her Fairy Godmother. 

Dumbo and Pratt, the rent collectors, fancy the Uglies (that shows how stupid they are!), but their amorous advances are constantly spurned – that is until the Uglies run out of choices! 
As expected, the story has its happy ending, with Cinderella marrying her Prince, and everyone else finding someone to love! (Ahhhh).


Principals (4m, 4f, 6m/f)

  • Cinderella - (f)           
  • Buttons - (m)  
  • Revolta  - ugly sister (m/f)
  • Repella - ugly sister (m/f)
  • Baron Hardup - (m)
  • Fairy Godmother - (f)          
  • Count de Money - (f)
  • Dimbo - (m/f - prefer m)
  • Pratt - (m/f - prefer m)
  • King - (m)                              
  • Queen - (f)                              
  • Major Domo - (m)
  • Prince Charming - (m/f)       
  • Dandini - (m/f)
Support (m/f)
Palace Entertainers - Singer, Juggler, Acrobat, Jester (all m/f)
Courtiers, Guests, Mother (all m/f)
Mice, Lizard, Cat, Saucepan, Kettle (children)
Children's Chorus

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