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Musical Comedy: 'Act Your Age' by Christopher Wortley

Act Your Age by Christopher Wortley

Principals : 4m, 10f     Support : 5m, 3f & Chorus
A musical farce specially written for amateur musical groups with largely female memberships. A therapy clinic for celebrities, down on its luck with no celebrities and no staff, is forced to take in a bunch of old folks as their Home has become uninhabitable. A mystery celebrity phones to check in, and it's all hands to the pumps to try and convince her and her entourage that the place is well run and managed; when in fact it's the old folk who are gearing up to administer their own bizarre range of alternative therapies.
Musical Comedy: 'Free And Easy' by Bill Cronshaw

Free And Easy by Bill Cronshaw

Principals : 5m, 4f (plus a 3-piece band & backing singers) No Chorus
Enjoy a real nostalgia treat with this gently humorous, hugely entertaining, piece of escapism. Set to a backdrop of over fifteen hits of the 50s and 60's, we follow the trials and tribulations of Eric Dobbins, the dryly nonchalant publican, and his matriarchal wife, Iris (a stereotypical landlady), as they, their staff and their regulars fight to save the pub from the unscrupulous hands of the brewery manager who sees it as a potential lap-dancing venue. Requires a small cast and a three-piece band.
Musical Comedy: 'The Best Man' by Cook & Newton

'The Best Man' by Ian Cook & Ian Newton

(5m, 6f plus supporting cast)
Set in London’s East End in the Summer of 1981, it's a musical comedy telling the tale of Cathy Price, a hairdresser and lover of romantic fiction.She thinks she has found her soulmate in new boyfriend, Tony Wickham, but Tony hasn't told her about his gambling debts. Will he manage to marry Cathy and get his hands on her bank account, or will their best man Danny, who secretly loves Cathy, speak out and risk all for love, or keep quiet and watch his true love marry the wrong man?
Musical Comedy: 'The Mikado' Essgees's Australian version

The Mikado (Essgee's Australian Version)

Principals : 4m, 5f     Support : 1m (plus Chorus)
EssGee Entertainment's musical theatre adaptation of 'The Mikado' takes the gentle humour of Gilbert's original words and introduces, additional more modern elements to maintain the interest of a contemporary audience. A number of the principals have some very funny lines to deliver, often during business which verges on pantomime.
Musical Comedy: 'The Pirates Of Penzance' (Essgee's Australian Version)

The Pirates Of Penzance (Essgee's Australian version)

Principals : 5m, 5f     Support : 2f (plus Chorus)
To anyone who loves music theatre, 'G&S' means melody, irreverence, wit and fun. Essgee Entertainment has thoroughly updated the Victorian operetta allowing today's theatregoer a fresh look at this classic. All the original songs and tunes are included though and despite the 'pop feel' of many of the chorus numbers the most beautiful solos are untouched. The end product is true to the spirit of Gilbert and Sullivan, but much more accessible for today’s audiences.
Musical Comedy: 'The Reunion' by Cook & Newton

'The Reunionby Ian Cook & Ian Newton

(4m, 4f plus supporting cast)
Written specifically to appeal to amateur groups with a well-balanced cast and has potential for simple staging and costuming. The plot is based around the pupils of Class 5D at Grangebourne Secondary Modern who are celebrating their last days at school. It’s a story of unrequited love, honour and sacrifice, recollection and reminiscence, betrayal and forgiveness, all played out against the backdrop of the class being re-united through a tragedy over 20 years later, together with a reunion of another sort entirely.

Musical Comedy: 'Whisky Galore: a musical' by Shona McKee McNeil & Ian Hammond Brown

Whisky Galore: a musical! by Shona McKee McNeil & Ian Hammond Brown

Principals : 7m, 3f     Support : 5m, 6f (plus Chorus)
This marvellous new musical is based on the true story of what happened (with a bit of artistic licence) when a ship containing 50,000 cases of whisky runs aground on a remote Scottish island in 1943. Adapted from Compton Mackenzie's novel, this musical has had two very successful productions at the Pitlochry Festival Theatre in 2009 and 2011. Licensing for amateur groups only.
Musical Comedy: 'Whisky Kisses' by Martin, Smith & Boyce

Whisky Kisses: a musical! by Martin, Smith & Bryce

Principals : 6m, 2f     Support : 5m, 6f (plus Chorus)
Two international whisky collectors converge on a remote Highland distillery to compete for the last remaining bottle of a fabled malt whisky - The Glenigma! At the auction, the stakes are high, but is this simply a battle for a bottle, or will the unique Scottish experience change everyone's lives forever?