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Backing Tracks

Customers in any Country can purchase from here.

Orchestrations (Band Parts)

Please Note: We're gradually moving away from providing printed, rented and returnable, sets of orchestrations towards the provision of these as pdf files on USB Sticks, ordering for which is available on the relevant web page for the musical. This page is for those musicals where the traditional rented sets are still in place.

UK CUSTOMERS: You can order sets of rented Orchestration scores (aka Band Parts) and also Backing Tracks as below. 

Please note that for rented Orchestrations you MUST place an order for a Security Deposit at the same time. The rental period for a full set is a maximum of two months, and always finishes one week after the close of your production.

We recommend you use the pay by Cheque option. Then send two cheques in the post to us - one for the scores and shipping, and the other for the security deposit. We'll cash the first cheque, but not the second. After the production, once you've returned the scores we'll destroy the redundant cheque, unless we need to cash it to offset damaged scores.

The prices will be shown on the next page when you have selected which musical you are buying for.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: please Contact Us for further information.

  • Backing Tracks (Performance)
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    Sets of Backing Tracks on: USB Stick with mp3 files, or Dropbox, mp3 file downloads (e-mailed link) to use during performances (or rehearsals). The price will be shown after you select the title required. In order to...