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    by Les Clarke

Youth/Young Cast Drama Play Script: 'Sticky' by Les Clarke


Rob is the only one in his group of so-called-friends that doesn’t drink.  He prefers to read, so they give him a really hard time about it and make out that he must be gay not to want to get drunk and chase after women. In essence he is bullied but is resilient and tries to not let them get to him but he’s adamant he won’t go drinking with them, so they leave him to it.

Sticky, isn’t your typical teenage girl either, she prefers to write poetry and be by herself, but such is life, anyone that’s a little different from the norm, gets picked on and she’s no exception.

Having been ridiculed in class today she wants to be by herself and goes to a secluded spot in the woods where she goes to chill and calm herself down.  Rob has the same idea; and often goes to the same spot.  They meet and at first things are awkward but then a common cause develops between them.  Two of the girls from Sticky’s class turn up when Rob’s gone and start to bully her and Rob comes back and stops it.  One of the girls is dating the leader of the gang that gives Rob such a hard time and they go and tell him what’s happened and he turns up to confront Rob with startling unexpected results.


45-50 mins approx


(4m, 3f)

  • Sticky - 16, thin, flat chested, a little common but full of life and fun, independent (f)
  • Jules - 16, bully, sarcastic and streetwise (f) 
  • Cass - 16, bully, sarcastic and streetwise (f) 
  • Rob - 17, loner, bookworm, better spoken than the rest (m)   
  • Jazza - 17, cocky, but has a nicer side, streetwise and hip (m)
  • Paul - 16, bigot and bully (m)
  • Steve - 17, likes to drink, bully (m)
All characters can be slightly older

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