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    by Peter Mitcheson, June Stevens & Annette Ward


Pantomime: 'Cinderella' by Mitcheson, Stevens & Ward

Was there ever a more downtrodden girl than poor, sweet Cinderella? Ever since her new stepsisters Hoity and Toity careered off the good ship Turnturtle, Cinderella has been waiting on them hand, foot and feather duster. It’s a good thing she has her loyal friend Buttons to tell a few jokes and Thingummy the cat to keep her company. But magical things do happen – even in pantomimes. Cinderella meets a charming young man after the forest picnic and he falls for her hook, line and jewel studded sceptre. He is, you see, a Prince! Didn’t expect that did you?

In the quest to find the beautiful girl in the woods, our hero asks his loyal companion, Mr Dini, Dan to his friends, to invite everyone to a Ball. If only Cinders had some decent shoes and nice frock she could go too. But she hasn’t, that is until… you’ll never believe this… a Fairy stumbles into her kitchen. Fairy G arrives waving her wand about to try and get a decent signal. To be honest Fairy G has her share of technical troubles but it turns out that she really does know how to turn a pumpkin into a horse drawn coach, complete with footman and added sparkle!

Cinderella is transformed into a real party girl in a few mere flashes of special effects – now that’s magic! Then she’s off to the ball to party with the man of her dreams. Just as well really, as Hoity and Toity are there making a mess of everyone’s evening. So they all lived happily… oh no, the clock strikes twelve and Cinderella disappears, leaving behind only one clue, you’ll never guess what! Oh you did.

So the hunt is on to find the foot to fit the shoe, in the hope that the Prince’s dream girl, is not far behind it. For the local people it’s like doing the lottery. They all turn up, feet washed and powdered. Some, Hoity and Toity to name two, resort to unethical practices to win the prize. But good will triumph over evil. Thingummy comes to the rescue to help release Cinderella and at last she is reunited with her Prince. And they all live happily…oh no wait. Someone else has arrived! 

You will have to read the script to find out the final twist in this hilarious tale.


(5m, 4f, 5m/f plus chorus)

Principals (5m, 4f, 3m/f)

  • Cinderella - a sweet, kind girl
  • Buttons - lively, cheeky chappie - interacts with audience
  • Baron - absent minded, lovable optimist
  • Hoity & Toity - unpleasant, colourful OTT dames
  • Prince Charming - charming principal boy – as his name implies
  • Dandini - loyal companion to the Prince
  • Fairy Godmother - fun fairy with a slightly muddled but upbeat manner
  • Bo - friend of Cinderella – likes Buttons
  • Evie - friend of Cinderella
  • Poppy - friend of Cinderella
  • Thingummy - the cat

Support (2m/f when doubled)

  • Harbour Master - (Scene 1)
  • Coachman - formerly the canary, flying not essential! (Scene 7)
  • Major Domo - (Scene 8)
  • Mumsie - a well-padded lady (could be played by the Director or a well-known local celebrity who would enjoy a brief moment on stage with minimal rehearsal. Surprise your audience by not including this character in the programme (1 speech, 1 song or join chorus for song, end of production only)
Together with a Chorus of adult dock workers, villagers, palace guests and servants, and junior sailors, dancers, animals and butterflies

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