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Dreams And Delusions (Vol 1)

Three scripts in one ...

Remembrance Day - Leanora, a 'difficult' patient, has been moved from one nursing home to another, and the new staff are not too happy with her. During a visit by her daughter and grand-daughter, some family skeletons are revealed. Forced into a corner by all around her, Leanora decides it is time to tell the 'truth' behind the rift.

The Brown Felt Hat - Ann (and her daughter, Beth) arrive in 1942 from Wales, to escape the bombing and work in her sister Pat's hotel. The work is demanding, and Pat works them hard. Each of the women has a battle to fight and fears to conquer. The brown felt hat is a symbol of good times, of well-being, of self esteem and of magical escape. It is a prop which helps the wearer to escape the ugliness of war.

The Cafe Sirocco - Henry and Melissa, an unhappily married middle-aged couple, have each arranged a secret rendezvous with would-be lovers. Unfortunately, not only have they chosen the same restaurant, but their new lovers work together in the same office. Lying and deceit are used by the couple to bolster their hum-drum lives, tactics which soon unravel when the two couples inevitably encounter each other.

  • Dreams And Delusions (Vol 1)
    £7.99 Dreams And Delusions (Vol 1)
    Printed Script, A5, containing 'Remembrance Day', The Brown Felt Hat' and 'The Café Sirocco' by Tony Layton. You are licensed to use this for your personal use. If you want to make multiple copies for use at...