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Humpty Dumpty

    by Adam Godfrey


Panto Script: 'Humpty Dumpty' by Adam Godfrey

For centuries magic has held a great egg in place atop Entertainia's palace wall, waiting for the moment its contents would be needed.  During that time the King and Queen of Hearts and the King’s Men have taken great care to keep the egg safe and secure, ensuring the happiness of Entertainia.

Now as the Giant Thunderbolt and his henchman Sinistro begin their evil plan, the magic fails and Humpty Dumpty is released from the egg. But his magical innocence may not be the help Entertainia wants.

Only with the help of Bo-Peep, Boy Blue and Martha Muffett can Humpty realise what he needs to do.


(8m, 4f, 3m/f)

  • Fairy Thistledown
  • Fussalott - the Court Chamberlain
  • Bo-Peep - a shepherdess
  • Boy Blue - a dairyman
  • Jeremiah Jelly - a King’s Man (m/f)
  • Cuthbert Custard - another King’s Man (m/f)
  • Sinistro - the Giant’s Henchman
  • Martha Muffett - the Royal Housekeeper (the Dame)
  • Peter Piper - Captain of the King’s Men
  • Princess Miranda - a Princess
  • Humpty Dumpty (the ‘Buttons’ character)
  • Dymwitt the Diminutive - the King of Hearts
  • Polyanthus the Perennial - the Queen of Hearts
  • Thunderbolt - a Giant
  • Ghost - a ghost (m/f)
  Chorus of Villagers, Gypsies, Fairies, Children, etc.

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