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Comedy Play Script: 'Dirty Business' by Derek Webb

Dirty Business by Derek Webb

(1m, 2f) 60 min version
Cuts are on their way big time at the local County Council as it struggles to find ways to meet Government spending targets. Josie and Angela are cleaning the office of one of the Council's Department Heads one evening when they come across a file which seems to show that their jobs are on the line too. They also discover some incriminating evidence which seems to show the same Department Head is guilty of marital infidelity. Armed with this, they set out to try and persuade him to change his mind about some of the planned cuts.  But not everything goes quite according to plan... 

Comedy Play Script: 'Roy Brown - Untitled' by Derek Webb

Roy Brown: Untitled by Derek Webb

(2m, 2f) 60 min version
Roy Brown is a man always on the lookout for an easy way to make a living.  And modern art looks just the ticket... Seeing how much money there is to be made, and seeing how easy it looks to him, Roy reckons turning out a few pieces himself will be rather a doddle. Needless to say, encouraged by his friend Jane (and ably hindered by his mate Rhys) things don't quite go to plan.