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Pint-Sized Plays (Volume 2)

Short Play Scripts: 'Pint-Sized Plays (Volume 2)'

Twenty-one ten minute scripts for small casts, by various playwrights.

  • Brian's Got talent by David Miller
  • Driving Mr Diddy by Mandy Barron
  • Twins by Stuart Crafton
  • Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Vernon! by Mark Waghorn
  • Bobby Ewing In The Ladies by Neil Walden
  • Play The Game by William Patterson
  • Line Dancing by Jane Sprenger
  • Role Play by Derek Webb
  • It's All In The Mind by Richard Layton
  • Tightrope by Rob Taylor
  • Babies by Jonathan Edgington
  • The Voice Over by Doc Watson
  • The Carol Police by Keith Johnson
  • Thirty Love by Dorothy Lambert
  • Almost Perfect by Trevor Suthers
  • Triangles by Nigel Pocknell
  • A Load Of Bull by Tony Cottrell
  • A Roaring Life by Richard Cook
  • The Man From Harry's by John Tilbrook
  • Up Close And Personal by Anne Graham
  • Brief Encounter by Roger Mortimer-Smith

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