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Extracted from our catalogue, here are those plays with an LGBTQ theme or content...

One Act Comedy (45-50 mins)

Comedy Play Script: 'Untucked' by Teresa Hennessey

Untucked by Teresa Hennessy

(2m) 45 mins, approx Prize Winner
Two drag artistes, Irma Geddon and Dee Light, share a dressing room for the first time. One, an old hand; the other, a newcomer to the profession. Will the old-timer give the benefit of his experience, or jeopardise the fledgling’s first flight into the unknown? A bitter-sweet comedy of trust and jealousy; frocks and frills.

One Act Drama (60 mins)

Drama Play Script: 'The Truth Untold' by Heaton Wilson

The Truth Untold by Heaton Wilson

(5m, 4f; min cast of 6) Apx 60 mins
Two close school friends meet again in later life. One is a Minister in the Coalition Government, the other a social services manager. They face each other from opposite sides as controversy rages over the death of a child in care.

Mid Length Drama (90 mins)

Drama Play Script: 'Battieman Blues' by Oscar Watson

Battieman Blues by Oscar Watson

A black man is followed home from a gay bar by another black man he'd noticed there. The visitor claims not to be gay and becomes violent when he doesn't get what he wants. The tables are turned with unexpected consequences.

Full Length Black Comedy (100 mins +)

Black Comedy Play Script: 'Twinkle' by Philip Meeks

Twinkle by Philip Meeks

(1m) Nominated - 'The Stage' Award (Best Solo Show) : 2006
A one man show telling the story of Harold Thropp, an ageing panto dame who is upset and annoyed with the way his beloved panto has become trivialised. The loss of his life partner, Eric, causes him to re-think both his future, and that of Jez Buckham, the celebrity star of this year's, and last year's, dumbed down panto. (“Meeks has whiplash wit”; Lyn Gardner, The Guardian)

Full Length Drama (100 mins +)

Drama Play Script: 'Death On The Doorstep' by Martin Cort

Death On The Doorstep by Martin Cort

(Min: 6m, 2f) 
Set in the 1970s when homosexuality was still widely regarded with hostility or suspicion, Death on the Doorstep is based on true events. This tension-filled account of a vicious murder, the wrongful arrest of a gay man and the tangled events which follow, deals clear-sightedly with themes of brutal violence, police prejudice and homosexual rape. The play culminates in a memorably dramatic scene that is certain to keep the audience gripped from start to finish.

Drama Play Script: 'Kimalia' by Tim Luscombe

Kimalia by Tim Luscombe

(Minimum 9m/f) 
Asylum claims based on sexual orientation and gender identity have been recognised in the UK since 1999. However, having the right to seek refugee status, and actually gaining asylum on this basis, have proved to be two very different things. Through farcical comedy and hard-hitting raw conflict, 'Kimalia' pitches Ade, a Kimali refugee, against Vincent, the 'European' border guard with a prejudice. Written originally for a cast of 19 Mountview graduating students, this urgent, contemporary tale exposes the endemic corruption and prejudice at the heart of the Home Office’s immigration strategy, and aims to question all of our attitudes to race, gender and nationality.

Drama Play Script: 'The Cherry Boys' by Tony Layton

The Cherry Boys by Tony Layton

(9m, 4f) A boy rating takes his first job on a cruise ship in the 1950's and is forced to come to terms with homosexual members of the crew when he is barely coming to terms with his own newly awakened interest in girls. A poignant story based on events that happened in real life; about relationships between, and in between, the crew and their passengers.

Full Length Thriller/Murder (100 mins +)

Murder Mystery Drama Play Script: 'Clean'' by Tim McArthur

Clean by Tim McArthur

(3m, 3f)
Most gay men have quite complex personalities, insecurities, acceptance issues in society, commitment issues in relationships and levels of parental guilt. How does this affect them in their search for the perfect partner? 'Clean' deals with a relationship that blooms and grows, but as it continues a darkness begins to show.  Who has final control of the situation? Where does that insecurity come from? How far do you go to keep the power?

Short Plays (10 mins)


Six Of One... by Nicolas Ridley

'Not A Friend Of The Family' (1m, 1f)
Within this collection, 'Not A Friend Of The Family' has two strangers meeting at the funeral of a friend. Jack knew him as ‘Tony’; Polly knew him as ‘Anton’; the Rev Pilchard, who conducted the service, didn’t know him at all. Anthony Wilson had charm, joie de vivre and a keen sense of humour. Jack and Polly will both miss him terribly but - as they discover - they each knew a different side of him. A bittersweet comedy about love and loss.