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Pint-Sized Plays (Volume 3)

Short Play Scripts: 'Pint-Sized Plays (Volume 3)'

Twenty ten minute scripts for small casts, by various playwrights.

  • Vent by Gavin Harrison
  • Multitasking by Christian Simonsen
  • Roadkill by Angie Farrow
  • Lifetime by Angie Farrow
  • Forever True by Neil Walden
  • Auto-Incorrect by Bridgette Dutta Portman
  • Brought To Book by Lou Treleaven
  • Will's Dramaturg by Rich Rubin
  • The Intricate Workings Of A Sherbet Lemon by Stuart Lee
  • The Sweet Smell Of Lemon by Simon Birkbeck
  • Sorry by Emma Pitt
  • Icebergs by Camilla Whitehill
  • Ruby And Pearl by Jaye Swift
  • Dogs And Cats Living Together by Lynn-Steven Johanson
  • Mr Robertson's Blood Test by Lou Treleaven
  • Tannoy by Rob Taylor
  • The Weatherman by Giles Coyle
  • Rachel Says by Brian Coyle
  • Knight Intruder by Dorothy Lambert
  • Eternity by David Garoznik

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