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The Edge

    by Ron Nicol

Drama Play Script: 'Best Of Enemies' by Ron Nicol


A young man is on the roof of a high building, contemplating throwing himself over the edge. A young woman finds him there and initiates a conversation about the consequences of jumping. This leads to a discussion about blood and vampires. They remember aspects of their childhood, and she tells him about watching a child drown. She looks down at people watching from the ground, particularly noticing one man, which prompts an outburst about men treating women as sexual objects.

He explains that fear of examination failure had led him to contemplate jumping, leading her to talk about methods of suicide. She remembers being shut in a cupboard when she was a child and says that she’d contemplated killing herself. She encourages him to stand on the edge and think about jumping. He’s almost induced into doing so but pulls back in time. She says that if they’d made a suicide pact they’d have to jump, and again recalls her childhood, mentioning child abuse.

He decides he’s not going to jump, and she advises him to look for help in future. He asks to see her again, writes down his telephone number, and leaves the roof. Not noticing his departure, she reveals that she’s been abused as a child. When she realises he’s gone, she takes a letter from her bag, leaving it where it can be found, and throws herself from the roof.


35-40 mins approx


(1m, 1f)

  • The Young Man
  • The Young Woman

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