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The Lucky Strike

    by Simon Rayner Davis



The quiet gold mining town of Bedrock Falls in mid-west America is about to enjoy another typical night of dancing and hollering in the Lucky Strike saloon when their peace is about to be shattered. Sheriff Rooster Brewster and his new Deputy, Dead Eye Doc suddenly burst into the saloon with news of the imminent arrival of the meanest, ugliest, most terrifyin’ bunch of outlaws you could ever wish to meet, the Greedy Gulch Gang.  However, the Sheriff has no idea what they look like or how many of them there are, although it seems the newly arrived Stranger with No Name, a local bounty hunter might. 

However, things start to get more complicated with the arrival of the three Tucson Twins from Texas, or should that be Arizona, when they claim to be the meanest, ugliest, most terrifyin’ bunch of outlaws you could ever wish to meet.

Can Klondike Katy, the owner of the Lucky Strike saloon prevent her bartender, Tennessee Tom from constantly getting shots, or will Quick Draw McGraw manage to get his draws off before anyone else? Will the Sheriff and his deputy, save the day, or will the Stranger with No Name claim the bounty instead? 

Or finally will Tennessee Tom have the last say.


50 mins approx


(6m, 8f)

  • Rooster Brewster - local Sheriff (m)
  • Dead Eye Doc - local Deputy (m)
  • Quick Draw McGraw - quickest draw in the district (m)
  • Klondike Katy - owner of the Lucky Strike (f)
  • Tennessee Tom - bartender at the Lucky Strike (m)
  • No Name - a stranger with no name (m)
  • Fearless Frankie - leader of the greedy Gulch Gang (m)
  • Trigger Happy Trixie - member of the Greedy Gulch Gang (f)
  • Aggravatin’ Annie - the other member of the Greedy Gulch Gang (f)
  • Delaware - dancing girl at the Lucky Strike (f)
  • Tuesday - dancing girl at the Lucky Strike (f)
  • Queenie Tucson - eldest of the Tucson Twins (f)
  • Irene Tucson - youngest of the Tucson Twins (f)
  • Jean Tucson - another one of the Tucson Twins (f)

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