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Wee Willie Winkie

    by Paul Reakes


Panto Script: 'Wee Willie Winkie' by Paul Reakes

Barmaid Betsy and the villagers are convinced that empty Murk Manor is haunted. This is dismissed as nonsense by Prudence, the parson’s shrewish sister.

The manor’s new owners arrive in the shape of Winnie Winkie, her daughter Lucy and son Wee Willie. It’s love at first sight for Willie and Betsy, and the same applies to Lucy and the handsome Martin Courtly. However, the same can’t be said for Winnie and the aggressive inn landlord, Jeremiah Jinks.

At Murk Manor they meet the cadaverous Crouch who certainly blends with his creepy surroundings. That stormy night two ghosts appear in the Winkie’s bedroom but fail to wake them. It transpires that this is an attempt by Jinks to frighten the family away. He is part of a gang of smugglers who are using the manor to hide their contraband.

More drastic measures are taken to remove the Winkies involving secret panels, underground passages and Willie being chased in his nightshirt! Finally, the smugglers are brought to book and the identity of their mysterious leader is revealed.


(7m, 5f, 2m/f & chorus)


  • Winnie Winkie - the dame
  • Wee Willie Winkie - her son
  • Lucy Winkie - her daughter
  • Martin Courtly - a young artist
  • Parson Pewfiller
  • Prudence Pewfiller - his sister
  • Betsy - the barmaid
  • Granny Goodie - the shopkeeper
  • Jeremiah Jinks - a villainous innkeeper
  • Zep - one of his cronies (m/f)
  • Zac - one of his cronies (m/f)
  • Crouch - the sSexton
  • Excise Men x 2
Chorus of Villagers, Fisher Folk, Children and Party Guests

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