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Humpty Dumpty's Incredible Cure

    by Tony Edwards

A One Act Panto


Pantomime: 'Humpty Dumpty's Incredible Cure' by Tony Edwards

What exactly is the truth behind the Humpty Dumpty story?  Well, since there are only four lines to the original story, we need a very wise old Storyteller to explain the full story – more fully! You see, the Storyteller can not only tell stories – He can show them! And this he does (by magic, of course – and with the help of the audience), and we can now see how much more there is to the story of Humpty Dumpty!

So, we learn that Humpty works with Cook in the kitchens of the Palace of the King and Queen of Hearts. The greedy Knave of Hearts asks Humpty for some food, but Humpty refuses. The Knave vows revenge. He pinches a tray of tarts that were meant for the Queen’s Birthday Parade. However, the arrival of….wait for it…. Captain Hall of the King’s Horses and Men saves the day. This is because the Captain is very sweet on Cook, so he volunteers to go to the local bakery and buy some more jam tarts, which is ‘eggsactly’ what was required.

Later, Humpty sits on a wall to wait for the parade to start, and….wait for it…the Knave creeps up and pushes him off! Humpty is badly cracked and has to wear a shawl. He asks the audience how he could be mended, but nothing suggested works.

Then Captain Hall remembers an old woman who lives in the woods who people say can work magic. It’s Old Mother Hubbard. He takes Humpty to see her. She says she would need paying to try, but no one has enough money – until money comes from a very unexpected source! With the help of the audience, the magic works, and incredibly, Humpty is finally put back together again!      


One Act: 45-50 mins approx


Principals (5m, 3f)

  • Storyteller - (m)
  • Cook - (f)
  • Humpty Dumpty - (m)
  • Dish - (m)
  • Spoon - (f)
  • Captain Hall - (m)
  • Knave of Hearts - (m)
  • Old Mother Hubbard - (f)
A chorus of - Kitchen assistants, Animated kitchen utensils, Soldiers, Citizens, Trees, Animals, Birds (all m/f)

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