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Molly Whuppie

    by Ron Nicol


Youth One Act Comedy Play: 'Molly Whuppie' by Ron Nicol

After being abandoned in the forest, Molly Whuppie leaves her sisters Mavis and Maisie and begs for food and shelter at an Ogre’s house. During the night the Ogre tries to kill her, but is tricked by Molly into cudgelling his daughter Olga instead. Molly escapes, leaving the Ogre and his wife to discover their mistake in the morning. Olga resents being beaten and runs away from home.

At the royal court, Queen Wilhelmina demands the capture of the Ogre, and her champion Cuthbert is sent on this mission. When Prince Wilfred meets Molly and announces that he wants to marry her, his father King Walter disapproves. Adviser Balderdash suggests that she be set a task to prove her suitability, and Walter challenges Molly to steal the Ogre’s sword, purse and ring of power, secretly hoping that she’ll be killed and eaten.

Meanwhile, Mavis and Maisie meet Cuthbert, and decide to accompany him on his quest. Though hampered by the hapless Prince, Molly manages to steal the sword, purse and ring, giving them to Wilfrid to take back to the palace. Molly herself is captured and tells the Ogre to put her in a sack. While he fetches his cudgel, Molly persuades the Ogre’s wife to exchange places and makes her getaway. The Ogre returns and beats the sack – realising his mistake too late.

Mavis, Maisie and Cuthbert encounter Olga, who tells them that her father has retired. Now that his task is over, Cuthbert and the sisters return to the palace. When the Ogre and his Wife find Olga, the family are re-united with the promise that Olga is taught to rampage and pillage like an Ogre should.

On their triumphant return to the palace Molly agrees to marry Prince Wilfrid and all ends happily.

A one act version of this play is available as 'Molly Whuppie And The Double-Faced Ogre'


(5m, 9f)

  • Molly Whuppie
  • Maisie, her sister
  • Mavis, her sister
  • Olga, the Ogre’s Daughter
  • The Ogre’s Wife
  • Granny Ogre
  • The Ogre
  • Prince Wilfrid
  • King Walter III, his father
  • Balderdash, King Walter’s adviser
  • Cuthbert, Queen Wilhelmina’s champion
  • Queen Wilhelmina, Wilfrid’s mother
  • Queen Mother
  • Lady-in-Waiting to Queen Wilhelmina

Non-speaking courtiers and attendants could appear in the palace scenes at the director’s discretion.

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