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    by Tony Edwards


Pantomime: 'Aladdin' by Tony Edwards

Aladdin is the son of Widow Twanky, who owns a Chinese Laundry. They are very poor... that is until a stranger from Africa, one Abanazer, appears on the scene telling of great treasure locked away in a nearby cave. 

He enlists the help of Aladdin to find the treasure, but things do not go according to plan.  Two Policemen are engaged to arrest Aladdin but seem to be from another planet, whilst Widow Twanky and Wishee Washee hardly help matters find a sensible solution. 

Many adventures follow, including the forbidden love of the Princess Jasmine, losing the Magic Lamp, hoping the Slave of the Ring will get his/her magic poetry to rhyme and chasing Abanazer to Africa to save the Princess. But of course, all ends happily with Abanazer getting his come-uppance and Aladdin becoming a rich Prince and able to marry his Princess.

This panto (with a slightly different story) is available as a shorter children's show.

Characters (7m, 3f, 5m/f)

  • Aladdin - (m/f)
  • Widow Twanky - (m)
  • Wishee Washee - (m/f)
  • King Chewy Suey - Emperor of China (m)
  • Queen Fannee Annee - Empress of China (f)
  • Princess Jasmine - King and Queen’s daughter (f)
  • Sing Song - handmaid to the Princess (f)
  • Abanazer - (m)
  • Pee Cee Wung - (m/f)
  • Pee Cee Wung Too - (m/f)
  • The Vizier - (m)
  • Prince Dung Pong- (m)
  • Genie of the Lamp - (m)
  • Spirit of the Ring - (m/f prefer f)
  • Executioner - (m)
Chorus of - Teacher, Sprites, Courtiers, Citizens, Cactus, Dance troop, Chorus (all m/f); Guards (m)

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