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Sinbad Sails Again

    by Paul Reakes

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions


Panto Script: 'Sinbad Sails Again' by Paul Reakes

Princess Zara is unhappy about Aladdin keeping the magic lamp on display. It reminds her of Abanazar, the evil magician who tried to seal it. Meanwhile, Crossbones, the pirate, plans to rob their palace.

Sinbad arrives and Jasmine is upset to learn he has a new girlfriend. This turns out to be Molly, a mischievous monkey.

Semolina and Ali think the old lamp is rubbish to be thrown away and keep it to sell at the boot sale. When they discover the pirates plan, Crossbones hauls them off to his ship. Aladdin is convinced the lamp was the real reason for the robbery.

Sinbad sets sail to retrieve it and rescue his mum and brother. This he does, but when a sea serpent attacks they find themselves shipwrecked on a desert island. The same island to which Abanazar has been banished! He can’t believe his luck when he discovers the magic lamp within his grasp again and tricks Semolina into parting with it. Before he can carry out his evil plan, the lamp gets rubbed and the Genie appears. He grants their wishes by disposing of Abanazar and turning Crossbones into a goodie with an eye for Semolina!


(6m, 4f, 5m/f)


  • Aladdin - keeper of the magic lamp (m)
  • Princess Zara  - his wife (f)
  • Sinbad - a handsome swashbuckling sailor (m/f)
  • Jasmine - Sinbad's beloved (f)
  • Semolina - Sinbad's mother, the dame (m)
  • Ali - Sinbad's brother (m)
  • Molly - a monkey (f)
  • Crossbones - a pirate (m)
  • Sam - henchman (m/f)
  • Percy - henchman (m/f)
  • Abanazar - an evil magician (m)
  • Aloa - a young islander (f)
  • Genie of the lamp (m)
  • A Gorilla (m/f)
  • A Servant (m/f)
Chorus of courtiers, guards, servants, dancing girls, pirates, Sinbad’s crew, islanders and Abanazar’s sinister servants

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

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