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Ding Dong Bell

    by Paul Reakes

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions


Panto Script: 'Ding Dong Bell' by Paul Reakes

Horrid, the evil hobgoblin, climbs out of the well and causes havoc in the village. Using his magic powers, he turns the children against Nibbles, the loveable cat.

He then proceeds to ruin the love lives of Nellie Noggin and her family by putting spells on them. Neddie and his girlfriend Dolly have their hands stuck together and Nellie can’t stop itching whenever she gets near her fiancé Farmer Boot.

Hoping to get the spells removed, they pursue Horrid back down the well and find themselves in a fabulous subterranean world ruled over by the beautiful Princess Kaleena. They join her in her quest to rescue her father who has been captured by Gory and his band of marauding goblins.

After many hair-raising adventures Gory is defeated and Kaleena’s father, who happens to a be a magician, removes Horrid’s spells. Intent on getting his revenge, he follows them back home.

Once more Nibbles comes to the rescue and ensures that the evil hobgoblin will never again climb out of the well. 


(7m, 5f, 1 junior + extras & chorus)


  • Nellie Noggin - landlady of The Bell Inn, the dame (f)
  • Neddie Noggin - her son (m)
  • Nina Noggin - her daughter (f)
  • Nibbles - her cat (junior f)
  • Dolly - Neddie’s girlfriend (f)
  • Farmer Wellington Boot (m)
  • Larry - (f)
  • Horrid - an evil Hobgoblin
  • Princess Kaleena - (f)
  • Gory - leader of the Goblins (m)
  • The King - (m)
  • Lucien - his aide (m)
  • Granfer - an ancient rustic (m)
  • The Chief Lake Dweller (m)
Chorus of villagers, barmaids, village children, lake dwellers and goblins

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

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