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Play Collections

You can use these short plays for many things:

  • Members evenings
  • Corporate events
  • Tryouts for new Actors
  • Tryouts for new Directors
  • An eclectic evening of comedy and drama

... or just about anything you can think of!

We also have a series of short mini-Operas too.

Play Collection: 'An English Country Garden' by Jane Lockyer Willis

An English Country Garden by Jane Lockyer Willis

Contains thirteen monologues (8 x 1f and 5 x 1m) together with five duologues (3 x 3f, 1 x 2m and 1 x 1m, 1f).


Dreams And Delusions (Volume 1) by Tony Layton

Contains three 40-45 minute one act drama's from our catalogue centred around the theme of 'escape from unhappiness or fear'. The three plays are available separately if required.

  • Remembrance Day
  • The Brown Felt Hat
  • The Cafe Sirocco

Dreams And Delusions (Volume 2) by Tony Layton

Contains three 40-45 minute one act three black(ish) comedies from our catalogue. The three plays are available separately if required.

  • Movers
  • Something Beginning With C
  • Digs

Dreams And Delusions (Volume 3) by Tony Layton

Contains two short plays (approx 40 mins) for one female voice from our catalogue. The two plays are available separately if required.

  • Once An Actress
  • A Bit Of A Do

Dreams And Delusions (Volume 4) by Tony Layton

Contains two 40-45 minute one act plays from our catalogue on the theme of disability. The two plays are available separately if required.

  • For The Love Of Sara (Drama)
  • Time For Ben (Black Comedy)

Play Collection: 'In Come I' by John Oke Bartlett

"In Comes I ..." by John Bartlett

Six modern Mummers plays that are bawdy, verging on risque. The author, John Bartlett, is a confirmed Mummer, but realised that today's pub audiences needed more stimulation than the traditional set of plays could deliver. A new concept in Mumming.

Play Collection: 'Ladies On The Costa' by Lindy McNaughton Jordan

Ladies On The Costa by Lindy McNaughton Jordan

A compelling series of 12 monologues telling the amusing, acerbic and utterly absorbing stories of the lives of twelve female ex-pats living in Spain, each with a different reason for emigrating there.

Play Collection: 'Moments in Life' by David Hampshire

Moments In Life by David Hampshire

A range of thirteen short (10 minute) plays for very small casts.

Play Collection: 'Pint-Sized Plays'

Pint-Sized Plays

A large range of short (10 minute) and very short (five minute) plays. All are either winners or runners-up of the annual Pint-Sized Playwriting Competition.

Black Comedy Play: 'Sexologically Speaking' by Carolyn Pertwee

Sexologically Speaking by Carolyn Pertwee

(2m, 2f) 3 x 10-15 mins approx & 1 x 70 mins approx
A quartet of humorous and sometimes dark plays on the sexual complexities of the mating game for older people, involving flagging libido, frozen embryos, troubled marriages and the difficulties to be found in one-night stands. The plays can be performed by a cast of four actors: a man and woman in their sixties plus, and a man and a woman in their mid-forties plus.


Singles Night by Jill Wood

Four monologues (2 x 1m, 2 x 1f).

Play Collection: 'Six Of One' by Nicolas Ridley

Six Of One... by Nicolas Ridley

Six short (10-15 minute) plays for very small casts.

Play Collection: 'Speaking Your Mind' by Geoff Saunders

Speaking Your Mind by Geoff Saunders

Four short (10-15 minute) plays for very small casts.

Other Collected Works

Other Collected Works by various playwrights