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Agatha Twisty And The Murder In Pantoland

    by Warren McWilliams

Pantomime Script: 'Agatha Twisty And The Murder In Pantoland' by Warren McWilliams


When the most evil villain of them all, Queen Jezabella, meets her maker there is only one super sleuth who’ll solve the crime, Dame Agatha Twisty.

Featuring all your favourite panto characters this show has six possible endings letting you or your audience decide whodunit.

Featuring all the best of pantomime this show puts a whodunit twist on the traditional pantomime.

Written to suit casts of all ages and abilities this show promises to entertain children & adults alike.



Main 5m, 5f, 11m/f

The Sleuths:

  • Dame Agatha Twisty - our Dame and super sleuth (m)
  • Wadsworth - Agatha’s willing assistant (m)

The Suspects:

  • The Seven Dwarfs - tough miners whose lives depend on their jewel mine (7m/f)
  • Aladdin & Wishee - two lad’s straight out of Peking, who work in Twankey’s laundry (2m/f)
  • Cinderella - poor girl who is put upon by her wicked stepmother and sisters (f)
  • Dick Whittington - came to Pantoland searching for his fortune and was made Mayor (m/f)
  • Beauty & Beast - pretty young lady whose cursed partner has a wicked temper (1m, 1f)

The Victim:

  • Queen Jezabella - the worst villain of them all and ruler of Pantoland (f)

Other characters:                   

  • Cretin - Queen Jezabella’s servant (m)
  • Tommy - Dick Whittington’s cat (m/f)
  • Fairy Bowbell - the fairy from Dick Whittington who appears in a dream (f)
  • Mrs Potts - Beauty and the Beasts housekeeper (f)
  • Postman - Pantoland’s postie (m)
Small Parts
A variety of famous detectives including Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Jessica Fletcher, Inspectors Taggart, Frost and Morse, Shaggy and Scooby, Tin Tin and Snowy, Inspector Clouseau, Inspector Gadget, Columbo, Kojak, Guilty Dwarf, Buttons, Genie, Villagers / other recognisable Panto characters, the Beast’s servants and some scuzzy types (unkempt down-and-outs).

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