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Eaton, Vincent Max Dix, Zero To Six PRIZE WINNER Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Edwards, Tony A Bit On The Side (A 'Frank And Aggie' play) Play (Comedy)  1 
  A Quiet Night In (A 'Frank And Aggie' play) Play (Comedy)  1 
  Aladdin Panto 2
  Aladdin And The Jealous Genie Panto 1
  Alice In Funderland Panto 1
  Babes In The Wood Panto 2
  Babes In The Wood (One Act) Panto 1
  Cinderella Panto 2
  Dinner Is Served, My Lady (A 'Frank And Aggie' play) Play (Comedy)  1 
  Humpty Dumpty's Incredible Cure Panto  1 
  Old King Cole And The Fiddled Funds  Panto  1 
  Snow White And The Missing Dwarfs  Panto  1 
  The Wizard Of Woz Panto  1 

English, Jon & McKay, David Paris Musical (Drama) 2

Evans, Catrin Thank You Play (Drama) 1

Farquhar, Robert Almost Forever But Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Felton, Jack Bedlam Play (Comedy) 1

Fletcher, John & Chapman, David King David Musical 2
  Threads Musical (Drama) 2

Forde, Adam & Perkins, David Arabian Nights Musical (Young Cast) 2
  The Wind In The Willows Musical (Comedic Drama) 2

Foster, Christine Four Thieves Vinegar Play (Black Comedy) 2
  The Death Of Me Play (Thriller/Murder) 2

France, Jane The Interview Play (Comedy) 1

Gardner, Bruce Aladdin Pantomime 2
  Beauty And The Beast Pantomime 2
  Bobby Shaftoe Pantomime 2
  Cinderella Pantomime 2
  Doctor Foster Pantomime 2
  Jack And The Beanstalk Pantomime 2
  Little Tommy Tucker Pantomime 2
  One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Pantomime 2
  Princess And The Peabrain Pantomime 2
  Puss In Boots Pantomime 2
  Ride A Cock Horse Pantomime 2
  Rip Van Winkle Pantomime 2
  Rumpelstiltskin Pantomime 2
  Sing A Song Of Sixpence Pantomime 2
  Sleeping Beauty Pantomime 2
  Snow White Pantomime 2
  The Cobbler Prince Pantomime 2
  The Genie In The Bottle Pantomime 2
  The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe Pantomime 2

Gawthorpe, Ann & Bown, Lesley Ashes To Ashes Play (Black Comedy) 1
  Country Dances Play (Comedy) 2
  Don't Get Your Vicars In A Twist Play (Comedy) 2
  Living Doll Play (Comedy) 1
  Over Exposure Play (Comedy) 2
  Practice To Deceive Play (Thriller/Mystery) 2
  Whatever You Want Play (Comedy) 1

Gilbert, WS & Sullivan, Sir Arthur The Mikado Musical (Comedy) 2
(Essgee's Australian versions)
The Pirates Of Penzance Musical (Comedy) 2

Gledhill, Shari Huff Puff Play (Drama) 1
  Last Chance Saloon Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Glover, Kate Queen Anne Play (Drama) 2

Godfrey, Adam Humpty Dumpty Pantomime 2
  Little Bo-Peep Pantomime 2

Gore, Neil We Are The Lions, Mr Manager! Play (Drama) 1

Goulding, Philip Alice In Wonderland Play with Music 2
  Beauty And The Beast Play with Music 2
  Feels Like The First Time Musical (Jukebox) 2
  Our Gracie Musical (Drama, Contemporary) 2
  Waiting For Elvis Play (Comedic Drama) 2
  Wake Up Little Suzie! Musical (Jukebox) 2
Goulding, Philip & Alan Edward Williams

‘The Mayor Of Casterbridge’

Play with Music 2
  'Toad Of Toad Hall' Play with Music 2

Greenwood, Paul Head And Heart Play (Drama) 2

Grin, Francis That Was All Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Hammond Brown, Ian & Gibson, Alan Carnegie: the star-spangled Scotchman Musical 2

Hampshire, David Face Value Play (Black Comedy) 2
  Funny Turns Play (Comedy) 2
  Moments In Life (3 x Anthologies) Short Plays 1

Harding, Caroline Two Sisters PRIZE WINNER Play (Black Comedy) 1

Heath, Tim Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure At Sir Arthur Sullivan's
Play (Comedic Drama) 2

Henderson, Mark Forget It, It's History Play (Drama) 1

Hennessy, Teresa Untucked Play (Comedy) 1

Hilliard, Jane Thank You, Mr Dickens! Play (Comedy) 2
  The Boobytrap Play (Comedy) 2

Hills, Richard Aladdin Pantomime   2 
  Dick Turpin Rides Again Pantomime  2 
  Dick Whittington Pantomime 2
  Goldilocks And The Three Bears Pantomime 2
  Goody Two Shoes Pantomime 2
  Jack And The Beanstalk Pantomime 2
  Mother Goose Pantomime 2
  Red Riding Hood Pantomime 2
  Robinson Crusoe Pantomime 2
  The Witch Of Evil Wood Pantomime 2
  Washington Square Play (Drama) 2

Hines, David Class Of 77 Musical (Comedic Drama) 2

Hinks, Gerry  A Trivial Pursuit Play (Comedy) 2
  Chip Off The Old Block Play (Comedy) 2
  Confessions Of Honour Play (Drama) 2

Hiscott, Gillian Love In Vain In Love Play (Drama) 2
  Mansfield Park Play (Drama)  2 
  The Young Diana Play (Drama) 2
  Vendetta Play (Drama) 2

Hodges, David Star Crossed Musical (Young Cast) 2

Holbrook, Margaret The Bus Stop Play (Drama) 1

Holcroft, Thomas He's Much To Blame Play (Comedy) 2

Hopkins, Raymond It Must Be Love Play (Comedy) 2
  Looking For Love Play (Comedy) 2
  Love And Mistletoe Play (Comedy) 2
  Love And Money Play (Comedy) 2
  Love And Perfect Harmony Play (Comedy) 2
  Love At Last Play (Comedy) 2
  Love Begins At Fifty Play (Comedy) 2
  Love On The Beach Play (Comedy) 2
  Make Time For Love Play (Comedy) 2
  The Love Nest Play (Comedy) 2

Humfress, Steve & Rapps, Andy Quasimodo Musical (Drama) 2

Hutson, Ron A Death Of Convenience Play (Thriller) 2
  Dying To Meet You Play (Comedy) 2
  Idle Hands Play (Comedy) 2
  Look Into My Eyes Play (Comedy) 1
  Poetic Justice Play (Mystery) 2
  Stalker Beware Play (Comedy)  2 
  Stolen Identity Play (Thriller)  2 
  The Hidden Host Play (Thriller) 2
  The Lord Mayor Requests Play (Comedy) 1

Huxley-Miners, Felicity In The Shadow Of The Mountain Play (Comedic Drama) 1

Inchbald, Elizabeth The Massacre Play (Drama) 1
  Wives As They Were And Maids As They Are Play (Comedy) 2

James, Mark Dear Mother Play (Drama) 1

John, David & Lynch, Kevin Rush!, the musical Musical (Drama) 2

Johnson, James Choking The Butterfly Play (Drama) 2
  Fate Play (Drama) 2
  Glimpse Due Solace Play (Drama) 2
  In Play (Drama) 2
  The-Audition Play (Drama) 2

Johnson, Robin Stitched Up Play (Comedy) 1

Johnson, Trevor My Ex Play (Comedy) 2

Jones, Eric A Christmas Carol Musical 2

Writers (A-B) Writers (C-D) Writers (E-J) Writers (K-M) Writers (N-R) Writers (S-Z)