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Sleeping Beauty

    by Peter Mitcheson, June Stevens & Annette Ward


Pantomime: 'Cinderella' by Mitcheson, Stevens & Ward

This pantomime tells the traditional story of the Sleeping Beauty with just a little more sleep. Why was the bad fairy, bad? What happened when the Royals woke up? Does a 500 year sleep give you a head-ache? These questions are answered with all the fun of traditional pantomime, plenty of audience participation, a few surprises and several dashes of outright hilarity in Sleeping Beauty. 

Our story begins in Fairy Academy of Bottomgarden.  Professor Sage is trying to teach the sweet little fairies, hapless Fairy Hyacinth and the disgruntled Fairy Wildfire.  When Wildfire walks out of the Academy, she walks right into the old gnarled hands of the professor’s adversary, Witch Cacklewell. Boo!

The evil witch hates the fair Kingdom of Harmony where, despite her best efforts to cause discord and cacophony, King Cadenza and Queen Melody still sing in tune. They are gentle and fair and treat their citizens well.  They even have a beautiful new baby Princess, in fact all the things that a Witch hates.  

Aided by rebellious Fairy Wildfire, Witch Cacklewell plans to end the dynasty once and for all by ridding the kingdom of its only Princess and so the well known curse is given. Luckily the student fairies remember their lessons and are on hand to amend the spell, sending our heroine into a deep sleep until she is woken by a brave and resourceful Prince.

But where do you find an eligible Prince these days? A whole five hundred years passes and still no Prince appears. Fairy Hyacinth is still stumbling over her feet in fairy dance class but nevertheless, it is she who saves the day. She makes a Prince’s sat nav go haywire which wins her a distinction in her Advance Spells Exam!

Obviously Prince Michael of Modernia’s resourcefulness leads him to wake the Princess. But what happened next? Why do the Prince’s hilarious companions Chester and Harold remind everyone of the King’s old Court Jester and Herald?  What becomes of the King’s song book? How will the medieval household cope in a modern world? It all ends with song, laughter and a spectacular wedding.


(2m, 7f, 4m/f plus chorus)

  • King Cadenza of Harmony - a jovial, sensible king, keen songwriter
  • Queen Melody - his loyal supportive wife
  • Princess Dulcima - Principal Girl, sweet and unworldly
  • Prince Michael of Modernia - Principal Boy (m/f)
  • Nanny Cuddles - the dame
  • Jester/Chester - comedy character (m/f)
  • Herald/Harold - comedy character (m/f)
  • Professor Sage - kindly principal of Fairy Academy (m/f)
  • Fairy Wildfire - clever, ambitious, impatient
  • Fairy Hyacinth - lovable, but somewhat inept
  • Fairy Rose - strongest of the fairies, a leader
  • Fairy Marigold - kindly and sympathetic fairy, protective of Hyacinth
  • Witch Cacklewell - an out and out baddie
Together with an Adult Chorus which supplies: Medieval Courtiers, Da Vinci, Medieval Villagers, Mrs Singer and the Harmony Choir (dressed as medieval villagers, could be part of chorus, or a choir; eg a school, choral society, members wanting a small part in production etc, Modern Locals (can double up with medieval villagers), Ghost, Suit of Armour, Placard Bearer and a Junior Chorus supplying Little Fairies and Elves, Young Princess Dulcima and her friends (includes Katharina, William, Anne and Beatrice), Young Village Children, friends of 18 year old Princess (includes Tom, Jill, Mary and Olivia

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