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Black Comedy

Black Comedy Play Script: 'Brave Hearts & Baggage' by Jan Moran Neil

Brave Hearts & Baggage by Jan Moran Neil

(4m, 4f)
The credit crunch is biting, the recession’s failing to recede and the mobiles are jangling. Six yuppies suffering from the maddening ailments of modern day life enter into a quagmire of relationships which has both a heart breaking and hilarious turn of events …

Black Comedy Play Script: 'Face Value' by David Hampshire

Face Value by David Hampshire

(3m, 3f)
A 25th wedding anniversary provides the impetus for this darkly comic play which explores the evolving relationships between three couples: Jonathan, Theresa’s husband has forgotten a special date. Christopher, their son, has lost his date. Allan, their divorced friend, is looking for a date. Ultimately this is a date that no one will forget. As revelation follows revelation nothing and no one can be taken at face value. 

Black Comedy Play Script: 'Four Thieves Vinegar' by Christine Foster

Four Thieves Vinegar by Christine Foster

(2m, 2f)
In the sweltering summer of 1665, the Black Death sweeps through London. Prisoners in Newgate, believing they are doomed, indulge in drunkenness and debauchery. But a young alchemist believes he has a sure-fire remedy and begs his cellmates to help him make it. Unfortunately, the missing ingredient is gold, something they have no hope of obtaining without the only currencies they have at their disposal: sex, wit and lies.

Black Comedy Play Script: 'Full Circle' by Janet Shaw

Full Circle by Janet Shaw

(2m, 5f)
A comedy drama that explores a family’s current relationship problems that have resulted from a single decision taken forty-four years earlier. If only words had been spoken, if only feelings had been explored, if only questions had been asked sooner, would circumstances have been different; and would broken hearts have been mended earlier? The plot rotates around the stresses involved in organising a wedding; grandmothers at odds with each other, a husband and wife with very different expectations of the style and budget of their only daughter's wedding, an unusual neighbour and family secrets from the past. Skeletons tumble out of cupboards at an alarming rate to produce a wonderful comedy.

Black Comedy Play Script: 'Love Is A Four Letter Word' by Janet Shaw

Love Is A Four Letter Word by Janet Shaw

(5m, 5f)
Dave lusts after Jackie. Jackie yearns for romance. Jackie's mother yearns for perfection. Dave's mates lend a helping hand (or they interfere - depending on your viewpoint). The play stares the serious and sensitive subjects of marriage, relationships and responsibility firmly in the face, and doesn't blink or take a step backwards.

Black Comedy Play Script: 'Playing Away' by Janet Shaw

Playing Away by Janet Shaw

(5m, 8f)
Kath and Alan are the landlord and landlady of a Northern pub. Kath discovers that she's pregnant, but Alan has had a vasectomy and he can't believe that he is the father. Could it be that someone at the pub other than the darts team has been playing away? Alan might be the father, but the pub's regulars provide a host of fascinating characters for him to wonder about. This is a play that allows for some deep emotional questioning but that is balanced with some very funny dialogue and some bizarre characters for your cast to inhabit and your audience to enjoy.

Black Comedy Play Script: 'Pretzels For Dinner' by Janet Shaw

Pretzels For Dinner by Janet Shaw

(2m, 4f, 1m/f)
Ann and Bill have been married for 40 years during which time he has been the 'lord and master'. Even after death, he maintains a presence and keeps her on her toes. Only she can see and hear him, until finally with the help of her zany, but good-hearted friend and neighbour, Hilary, she decides that she doesn't need him anymore. A poignant and sometimes hilarious look at life, love, marriage and unfulfilled ambitions.

Black Comedy Play Script: 'Silent Running' by Paul Norman

Silent Running by Paul Norman

(3m, 1f)
Harry Falcon runs his entertainment agency like he runs his his life - on a downward spiral. His grip on both is weakening as each grip of the bottle of Scotch strengthens its hold on him. Befriended by one of his female acts, he tries to rekindle his emotional side, but it is too late; she is spoken for, and his body and mind are way past redemption.

Black Comedy Play Script: 'Ugga' by Chris Lambert

Ugga by Chris Lambert

(7m, 3f, 1m/f) Suitable (with doubling) for TIE
Inspired youngster or fashion victim? Who is this mysterious 'Ugga'? Why is he wearing a paper bag on his head? Is he mad or is he making a bold statement? These are the questions that new English teacher, Mr Jones has to answer when he starts at his first school. Join him in his quest to find the truth; join him in his quest to find out what lies beneath the paper bag.

Black Comedy Play Script: 'Von Ribbentrop's Watch' by Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran

Von Ribbentrop's Watch by Laurence Marks & Maurice Gran

(4m, 3f) Based on a true story. Gerald Roth is a worried man. His business is failing. He needs to raise money. Maybe he can sell his gold Longines watch. He doesn’t want to sell it, it was his father’s, but he’s desperate. Then Gerald gets some good news. The valuer tells him the watch is worth a fortune because he’s discovered it once belonged to Hitler’s Foreign Secretary, Joachim Von Ribbentrop. There are collectors who will pay handsomely for such a piece of quality Nazi memorabilia. The problem is Gerald is Jewish, and if his family finds out he’s used Nazi blood money to save the family business…

 Black Comedy Play Script: 'Where Is The Life?' by Martin Roche

Where is The Life? by Martin Paul Roche

(7m, 3f) The Beeches is a residential home for retired gentlemen of the stage. It is run by Julie, the officious owner who is married to Tony, a letch who is nice but a little dim. Tom, Colin, Alan and Don are residents who have spent their lives working together in the theatre. Despite their ups and downs they have created their own family in The Beeches to replace the families they no longer seem to be a part of. They have come from a bygone world and have now created a new world which is bound together by images, reflections, memories, longings of the past but equally, yearnings for a future. Their comfortable cosy world is upset though by the arrival of Kelly, a new care assistant.