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Drama (Contemporary)

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Musical Comedy Drama: 'Our Gracie' by Philip Goulding (Gracie Fields Musical)

Our Gracie by Philip Goulding

Cast : minimum 5m, 2f  with a maximum cast of 41
Filled with music and infectious, down-to-earth humour, this warm, funny and moving portrait tells the remarkable life of Gracie Fields, in her own words. Our Gracie’s vibrant personality took her from a room above a Rochdale chip shop to international fame and fortune. Her musical recordings sold in the millions and she became one of the highest paid female movie stars in the world. This is the real-life Cinderella story of a working-class lass who became Britain’s greatest female entertainer.

Musical Theatre: 'Judy: the musical' by Terry Wale (Judy Garland musical)

Judy: the musical by Terry Wale

Principals 3f  Support : min of 7m, 2f  plus an ensemble.
'Judy' is a play with music (and a jukebox musical) which encompasses the life story of Judy Garland from early childhood to her untimely death at the age of forty-seven in 1969. The first act is devoted to her years as a young Hollywood film-star, and the second is largely given over to her latter-day on-stage life in concert. Her journey is punctuated with the songs that made her famous, and with the relationships that accompanied her throughout her life.

Musical Theatre Drama: 'Carnegie' by Ian Hammond Brown

Carnegie by Terry Wale

Principals 3m, 2f Support : 3m, 3f  plus an ensemble. (Min cast size 7m, 5f)
From being the son of a poor weaver in Dunfermline, Scotland, to being the richest man in the world living at one of the most exclusive addresses in New York City., this is the rags to riches story of Andrew Carnegie, steel magnate and the founding father of strategic philanthropy. But there’s a twist... you don’t get to be the richest man in the world without some controversy in your life. In his final two hours on earth, Andrew Carnegie must prove that his soul is worth redemption.

All Other Titles

Bugle Boy: The Glenn Miller musical

Bugle Boy by Den Stevenson

Minimum Cast Size Principals 2m, 1f; Support 5m, 1f.
'Bugle Boy' charts the life story of Glenn Miller, and is the first Glenn Miller musical spanning his life from leaving college to his untimely and mysterious disappearance in 1944. Famous and instantly recognisable tunes weave together a love story and Glenn Miller’s blinkered determination to find a unique musical sound. With an on-stage big band, this fantastic new musical will once again put you and your audiences 'in the mood'!

Musical Theatre: 'Country Love' by Gary Swartz

Country Love by Gary Swartz

Principals : 1m, 1f     Support : Country Band & Backing Singers
The typical dialogue that occurs after the breakdown of a marriage, only it takes place in song and words. Vern sings his story in a cheap Country music karaoke bar while Tammy Lea, a famous Country singer records a 'behind the music' TV programme. Unusual and emotional.

Musical Theatre: 'Cruisin' by Peter Waterman & Rod Christian

Cruisin' by Peter Waterman & Rod Christian

Principals : 5m, 4f     Support : 3m, 5f (plus myriad cameo parts & large chorus)
Cruisin’ is an exciting new musical filled with comedy, pathos and catchy musical numbers with songs in the style and spirit of the pioneers of rock n roll. It tells a vibrant, energetic and engaging musical story that follows Vinnie Russo, a young Italian kid as he struggles to escape from his Papa's expectations, to take his place in the modern 1950's world of motorbikes, rock and roll - and girls!

Musical Theatre: 'Do Or Die' by Christie & Paterson

Do Or Die by Craig Christie & Andrew Paterson

Principals : 5m, 4f     Support : 5m, 5f (plus chorus)
From the same creative team that brought you 'Eurobeat' – this cool new musical 'Do Or Die' was written by Craig Christie with music composed and arranged by Andrew Patterson. It's a musical about the three-way struggle for supremacy in a secondary school – the hockey loving girls vs the football mad boys vs the overworked staff! The musical style combines '70s funk with current pop trends in a soundtrack that is attention grabbing and totally contemporary.

Musical Theatre: 'Edith & Simone' by Ronny Verheyen

Edith & Simone by Ronny Verheyen

Minimum Cast Size 5m, 6f, 1f-jnr
A life-telling story about the French singer Edith Piaf seen through the eyes of her little known about half-sister, Simone. What does it mean for Simone to live in the shadow of an icon, to endure her tempers, to depend on her, emotionally as well as financially? All this combined with the strong conviction, perhaps even envy, that with a little bit of luck she could have been in Edith’s place.

'Emerald' an Irish American musical

Emerald by Chris Burgess and Denise Wright

Principals : 4m, 4f   Support : 4m, 5f   Winner : S&S Award 2012
Grace abandons her life in Manhattan and moves to the secluded seaside town of Ennismuck in the West of Ireland. However, as soon as she arrives she clashes with a mining corporation buying up properties and decimating the land. Grace campaigns to save Ennismuck, and starts a prickly relationship with truculent local artist, Mulcahy. Both ventures prove to be perilous. But Grace manages to topple the mining company's monopoly, and, eventually, thaw Mulcahy’s frozen heart. By the end of the story she has arrived at a place she can truly call home. ‘Emerald’ is about the search for home. An ambitious large-scale show, it has an ensemble that could consist of an entire Irish village. It is set in the present day, but in the backwaters of Ireland, so although it is contemporary it has strong links with an ancient past. The Irish-American score is lyrical and passionately rhythmic.

'Hooked' - a hard-hitting musical

Hooked by Max Kinnings, Matthew James and Nick Hale

Principals : 2m, 2f   Support : 2f
This hard-hitting story is about a man going off the rails at the mercy of a mass of addictions. Ben is hooked on alcohol, cocaine and sex and it turns his world upside down. Under pressure to be successful from his wife, Emma, Ben throws himself into his work. Working late in media-land he gets drawn into an intoxicating world of thrill-seeking. Stoked up on success, coke, champagne, hookers and hangers-on, he starts to think he's invincible and steadily loses touch with his own identity. In the process, he ruins a business and the lives of the two very different women that have fallen for him.

Musical Theatre: 'The White Rose' the story of Sophie Scholl

The White Rose by Craig Christie and Andrew Paterson

Principals : 5m, 4f     Support : 6m, 5f, 3m/f (plus chorus)
'The White Rose' is based on the true story of a group of students at Munich University in 1942 who formed a resistance movement to Hitler's regime. It traces the story of Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans, and his friends as they despair of the increasingly totalitarian lives being forced onto the German nation. 'The White Rose' is a musical production both intimate and epic in its portrayal of the story and characters involved, and, though drawn from the pages of history, it is as relevant today as it was when it originally unfolded during the dark days of war. NOTE: a play version of this is also available.