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The Story Of Kylie And Rick

    by Tony Layton


nologo.jpgThe play follows the final day in the lives of two teenagers, Kylie and Rick, who have led lives of petty crime. It looks at the various influences on their lives which have created their attitudes towards law-abiding society.

Underneath their bitter exteriors we see that, given the chance, that these young people might have become useful citizens. They are both capable of humour which helps to lighten the heavy burdens they both have to carry.

The end is calamitous as so often happens when young people try to escape in a powerful stolen car.

The play is designed to be a piece of physical theatre with an ensemble of approximately 20 actors. With the exception of the two central character roles of Kylie and Rick, the remaining un-named parts should be given out at the director’s discretion .

A  black box set is all that is needed. Costumes could be suggested by minor attachments, scarves,hats etc. There are also opportunities for imaginative audio/visual effects to add another dimension to the effects which have been suggested in the play. Sound effects should be created by the voices of the actors.


30-35 mins approx


  • Kylie - 17, the central female character
  • Rick - 17, the central male character
  • Voices 1-14 - various male and female characters voicing an opinion or an observation
  • Car Owner - a mother with baby (f)
  • Shopkeeper - suspicious when confronted with Kylie (f)
  • Policeman - not as punctilious as he should be (m)
  • Marion Fanshawe - owns a large house in the country (f)
  • Estate Agent - has recently visited and valued the Fanshawe house (m/f)
  • Mrs Parker - housekeeper at the Fanshawe house
  • Sandra - Kylie's mother
  • Girl - a one line part
  • Gardener - tends the gardens at the Fanshawe house, single line part
  • Van Driver - involved in a car accident

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