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Old King Cole And The Fiddled Funds

    by Tony Edwards

A One Act Panto


Pantomime: 'Old King Cole And The Fiddled Funds' by Tony Edwards

Old King Cole might be a merry old soul, but he is also a very selfish one. He loves it when the townspeople pay their taxes, because he can then spend hours sitting in his counting house counting all his money. However, he loves it so much that he is very reluctant to give any money back to the Mayor to build schools and roads and so forth. Old King Cole’s wife, Queen Fossy, doesn’t help much, because all she does all day is sit in the parlour eating bread and honey. Then there is the Scruffy Princess. She’s probably the worst because all she ever does is….well, absolutely nothing!

Then one day the King goes to his counting house for a good old count, when he discovers all his money has gone! The Courtier reports that it has been stolen by the King’s fiddles three! Yes, Old King Cole has been well and truly ‘fiddled’.

When the Mayor hears about it, he says he will not send any more taxes, so the King won’t have any money to count.

This results in Old King Cole, Queen Fossy and the Scruffy Princess all have to go out to work to earn the money required by the Mayor. But what type of work would each of them be able to do?

They quickly learn that life can be very hard when they have to work to earn their money. It’s then that they make a startling discovery!!


One Act: 50 mins approx


(4m, 3f)

  • Old King Cole - plump, merry but thoughtless and selfish (m)
  • Queen Fossy - always eating bread and honey, greedy and wasteful (f)
  • Scruffy Princess - very untidy, spotty and sorry for herself, ignored by all (f)
  • Courtier - harassed but determined, problem solver (m)
  • Mr Screege - miserly moneylender (m)
  • Farmer’s wife - slave driver, never satisfied (f)
  • Baker - sergeant-major type, everything must be in order (m)


  • Screege’s clerks
  • Pig (other farm animals)
  • Baker’s assistants
  • Palace staff

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