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    by Cheryl Barrett

A Short Two Act Panto


Pantomime Script: 'Cinderella' by Cheryl Barrett

This 60 minute, two act, rhyming pantomime tells the traditional story of Cinderella, with her best friend Buttons taking on the role of narrator.

The villainous Baroness Stoneybroke, Cinderella’s stepmother, is determined to marry her two squabbling daughters, Chardonnay and Shiraz, off to royalty. When an invitation to Prince Charming’s ball drops through the letterbox preparations are made. Much to Cinderella’s dismay, she is told that she can’t go to the ball - cue fairy godmother and a huge dollop of pantomime fairy magic.  Will she weave her magic and make Cinderella’s wish come true? Will there be a traditional happy ever after ending?

This telling of Cinderella has a magical coach and horses, glittery royal ball, fabulous ballgown, singing mice, dancing guards and plenty of fun.

Stop and Search, the bumbling palace guards, love to dance, and spend more time dancing than doing their job. Chardonnay and Shiraz whine a lot and their sibling rivalry comes to the fore, especially during the shoe fitting scene.

This rhyming Cinderella pantomime is ideal for any group wanting to stage a shorter pantomime. It has all the characters and the traditional storyline one would expect from a Cinderella pantomime. There are also some lovely parts for the chorus. Although this is, in essence, a rhyming pantomime, there are a few parts which don’t rhyme.

With eleven song suggestions which move the story along, there is plenty of opportunity for the whole cast to sing and dance.

Will Cinderella find happiness? You’ll have to read it and see…


60 mins approx


(6m, 4f, 3m/f plus chorus)

  • Buttons - 20+, comic lead, Cinderella’s best friend and narrator (m)
  • Cinderella - 16-25, Principal Girl, Baron Stoneybroke’s daughter (f)
  • Baron Stoneybroke - 40+, Cinderella’s father (m)
  • Baroness Stoneybroke - 40+, villain, Cinderella’s evil stepmother (f)
  • Chardonnay - 25+, Cinderella’s nasty stepsister (m)
  • Shiraz - 25+, Cinderella’s nasty stepsister (m)
  • Fairy Godmother - 30+, a kindly fairy (f)
  • Prince Charming - 18-30, Principal boy, dashing prince (f)
  • King Frederick - 50+, wise King, Charming’s father (m)
  • Dandini - 20-40, Prince Charming’s right-hand man (m)
  • Stop - 20+, palace guard (m/f)
  • Search - 20+, palace guard (m/f)
  • Herald - 18+, palace herald (m/f)

Adult Chorus - courtiers, guests at ball, ponies, giant rat

Junior Chorus - mice

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