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    by Cheryl Barrett


Pantomime Script: 'Cinderessex' by Cheryl Barrett

Set in Essex, Cinderessex is a fun-filled family pantomime with a modern twist and plenty of wonderful characters, such as Fairy Nuff, a feisty but forgetful fairy godmother; Zippit, a rapping DJ and Cushti, a talking cat. As with the traditional Cinderella pantomime, there is also a pantomime villain, the wicked stepmother, in the form of Shardinay. The Ugly Sisters, Goochi and Shanelle, love to shop, bicker and sing karaoke. Goochi and Shanelle soon meet their match when they go head-to-head with Track and Trace in a karaoke dual.

When King Charleston decides it’s time his son, Prince Charming, settle down and finds a bride, he sends invites to attend a masked ball at the palace. Once invitations arrive at Barron Hardup’s house there is much excitement, but will his daughter, Cinderessex be allowed to go? Whilst Cinderessex is at the beck and call of her horrid step-sisters and stepmother, her best friend, Buttonit, and her cat, Cushti try to keep her spirits up. There are some lovely comedy moments with Cinderessex and Fairy Nuff.

This pantomime should appeal to traditionalists and younger audience members alike. It is fast paced with plenty of humour and the usual transformation scenes to add that extra bit of sparkle and magic. With a hilarious ‘Full Essex’ breakfast routine, Buttonit dressed as Freddie Mercury and dancing Zombies, Werewolves and Ghosts, this pantomime will have your chuckle muscles in overdrive. With 14 named parts and a junior chorus this is ideal for a large scale or small production.


(6m, 4f, 4m/f plus chorus)

  • Cinderessex - 16-25, principal girl, delightfully ditsy (f)
  • Buttonit - 20+, Cinderessex’s friend, comic lead (m)
  • Fairy Nuff - 40+, fairy godmother, delightfully dotty (f)
  • Goochi - 25+, ugly sister, Cinderessex’s step-sister (m)
  • Shanelle - 25+, ugly sister, Cinderessex’s step-sister (m)
  • Prince Charming - 18-30, principal boy, a charming prince (f)
  • King Charleston - 50+, prince Charming’s dad (m)  
  • Danny Deany ­- 20-40, prince Charming’s equerry (m)
  • Track - 20+, bailiff, one half of the comedy duo (m/f)  
  • Trace - 20+, bailiff, the other half of the comedy duo (m/f)
  • Shardinay Hardup - 40+, baddie, Cinderessex’s wicked step-mother (f)
  • Barron Hardup - 40+, Cinderessex’s dad, loves Shardinay (m)
  • Zippit - 20+, Buttonit’s twin (m/f)
  • Cushti - 16+, a talking cat, skin part (m/f)  

Adult Chorus - Essex men and women, waiters, guests at the ball

Junior Chorus - footballers, zombies, werewolves, ghosts

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