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Alice In Funderland

    by Tony Edwards

A One Act Panto



Alice is sitting in her garden remembering her adventures in Wonderland when she drifts off to sleep. She is suddenly awakened by hearing the White Rabbit running around saying he is late – again! Alice has ‘dreamed’ her way back to Wonderland.

However, she soon learns from the White Rabbit that they are not in Wonderland – they are in Funderland, on the other side of Wonderland. The difference is, of course, that it’s much funnier in Funderland, so everyone has much more fun!

Alice asks the White Rabbit to come with her, but he says he’s too late, although he doesn’t know what he’s late for. So, he claps his hands and a number of signposts enter, each pointing in different directions. The White Rabbit scarpers and as Alice is trying to decide in which direction to go, she hears a royal fanfare and enter the Queen of Hearts with her entourage. The Queen is much jollier than when she was in Wonderland an after a chat they all sing the Funderland Song.

Then Alice goes exploring and soon meets up with another old friend the Cheshire Cat, still grinning from ear to ear. The Cheshire Cat boasts to Alice how good it is at catching mice, until King Rat creeps in and scares the Cheshire Cat to death.

Next to come along is the Mad Hatter and The March Hare. They have another party, but why don’t they like the taste of their tea?  Then, at the palace, we see the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts dance the Funny Dance Dance!  Then we meet an unexpected visitor! But what on earth is a clown doing in the story and how did he get there? Oh, and here come Tweedledum and Tweedledee – not so much funny as rather silly. Oops, and why does the caterpillar keep falling off the magic mushroom?  Finally, we meet the Queen’s Card Guard, but why does the Two of Spades get promoted? So many questions, but the answers are, of course, very funny!


One Act: 50 mins approx


Principals (6m, 3f, 4m/f, 1jnr)

  • Alice - (f)
  • White Rabbit - (m/f)
  • Queen of Hearts - (f)
  • Cheshire Cat - (m/f)
  • King Rat - (m/f)
  • Mad Hatter - (m)         
  • March Hare - (m)                     
  • Caterpillar - (f)
  • Dormouse - (f junior)                
  • Claude the Clown - (m)
  • Tweedledum - (m)
  • Tweedledee - (m)        
  • Card in Chief - (m)
  • 3 Diamonds - (m/f)
  • Mice, cards, signposts - (m/f)
  • King of Hearts - (m)
  • Knave of Hearts - (m)
  • Entourage - (m/f)

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