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Goody Two Shoes

    by Richard Hills

Pantomime: 'Goody Two Shoes' by Richard Hills


A revival of one of the Victorian Pantomimes.

Goody, an orphan had been left on the doorstep of Tumbledown Castle. Now that she has grown up, a mysterious old lady has left her a pair of magic shoes that make her dance.

Meet greedy Baron Grimble, his stooge Diddlem, Muddles and Penelope Pumpkin (the Dame), as they go by spaceship to the moon to meet the mysterious old lady, in this delightful, hilarious, and traditional Pantomime.


6m, 6f  (plus Chorus & Dancers)

  • Goody : Principal Girl, poor and without shoes, nice, kind
  • Baron Grimble : a nasty, greedy, grumpy Baron, out for all he can get
  • Diddlem : the Baron's stooge, out to diddle anyone he can
  • Muddles : the village postboy, the children's friend
  • Gerty Goodfornuffin : determined girlfriend of a reluctant Muddles
  • Penelope Pumpkin : the village schoolmistress and Dame
  • Cardew : the comedy Royal cow with a mind of its own
  • King Calamity : eccentric, forgetful, absorbed with building a spaceship
  • PC Plod : a dim-witted village policeman, sees imaginary traffic to control
  • Billy Weatherspoon : Principal Boy, a wanderer trying to find where he belongs
  • Dotty Dishwash : the Royal Housekeeper, in love with PC Plod
  • Old Lady :  a kind of fairy godmother, a demanding role playing four parts: Old Lady, Cicily Boggleswade, Queen Cicily and Moonshine. Throughout she is kind, thoughtful and endearing

Requires a Chorus and dancers too

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