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The King's New Clothes

    by Peter Mitcheson, June Stevens & Annette Ward

Pantomime Script: 'The Kings New Clothes' by Mitcheson, Stevens & WardSynopsis

This is a traditional panto with a pantomime horse, a messy kitchen scene, a sword fight and a sparkling new story.

Sir Ivor Darkside and his dim assistants Simply, Park and Ryde, trick the King into offering his daughter in return for invisible 'magic cloth'. Can lovable Fairy Nuff get onstage into the pantomime in time? Can our heroic stable lad save the Princess? Will we see the King in the 'all together'.

Keep your audience in stitches while they watch the drama unfold and guess what could happen next. 


(4m, 3f, 6m/f plus chorus)

  • Stephen(m) the Principal Boy. Although from working stock he is self-confident and bold. Singing ability essential. (This role was traditionally played by a female, but this is less common in modern times).
  • Primrose(f) the Principal girl. A Princess, but a bit rebellious. A feisty principal girl rather than the sweet type. Singing ability essential.
  • King Maximillian: (m) King of Preenovia (or adapt local place name) and proud of it. Until his come-uppance he is vain and domineering.
  • Queen Violette: (f) Somewhat overawed by her husband and yet supportive of him. She takes control after the King's come-uppance.
  • Dame Duzzalot: (m) Overworked and harassed yet lovable. Some singing.
  • Herald: (m/f) Light comedy character. Could be played slightly camp.
  • Sir Ivor: (m) Strong villainous part. Some singing.
  • Simply: (m/f) Comedy assistant to the villain. Considerable acting ability required, as he/she is non speaking until the very end, and must play the role dead-pan despite the mayhem going on around. Can make the part their own by occasionally mirroring the others or wandering around with little sense of purpose.
  • Park: (m/f) Comedy assistant to the villain. Marginally the brainiest of the three. Some singing
  • Ryde: (m/f) Comedy assistant to the villain. Brainless. Some singing.
  • Fairy Nuff: (f) Far from the typical Good Fairy. Probably past the first flush of youth, and not very pleased at being left out of pantomime.
  • The Horse: (2 x m/f) Typical pantomime horse, later named Twinkle, mischievous and lovable.
 Chorus of Townsfolk, Courtiers, Children and Fairies.