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Robinson Crusoe

    by John Oke Bartlett


Pantomime Script: 'Robinson Crusoe' by John Bartlett

Robinson Crusoe is a pantomime, packed full of fun and laughter and a treat for all the family!

Crazy pirates, a tribe of hungry cannibals, a principal boy and girl, Polly the Parrot, Fairy Foc’sle and King Ratty, there is even a guest appearance from Count Dracula who has taken up residence in the hold of the good ship ‘Hispaniola’. The events are, of course, presided over and guided by, the whacky, but lovable Dame Peggy Flip-Flop, a bundle of eccentric, egotistical, enigmatic, energy!

In search of buried treasure, Captain Crabbe is looking for a crew to sail to the Caribbean. To avoid her creditors, Dame Peggy Flip Flop and her son Jack sign on as ‘Chief cook and bottle washer’. Worried about pirates signing on for the voyage, Captain Crabbe cleverly devises a fool proof plan to flush out any cunning buccaneers. Unfortunately, the pirate crew get wind of it and he signs them up anyway!

Setting sail with Captain Crabbe and his nephew Robinson Crusoe, disaster soon strikes when the pirates take over the ship, making everyone walk the plank. With the exception of the pirates, they sink to the bottom of the sea. Neptune saves the day, by giving everybody the power to breathe underwater. Some very silly stuff ensues with a song sheet and Dame Peggy Flip Flop causing a riot. Eventually Neptune deposits them all onto an island, but not before summoning a great storm that blows the ‘Hispaniola’ onto the shore as well.  

Not entirely sure how he arrived there, Robinson Crusoe finds himself on the beach of the island. Footprints in the sand lead him to believe he is not alone, but whom do they belong to, friend or foe? The island is inhabited by cannibals and the head of the tribe, King Yumtummy-yumtum-yumtum-yum, is hungry!

Meanwhile the pirates do what they do best and search the island for the buried treasure, after a number of capers and shenanigans, all is resolved. Dame Peggy Flip Flop finds her old flame and husband Captain Crabbe. Jack falls in love with King Yumtummy-yumtum-yumtum-yum’s daughter, Juanita. Fairy Foc’sle uses her magic so that the pirates will always feel violently sick at the mere thought of the sea.

A rollicking pantomime, full of fun for all ages, a tale that will shiver your timbers and have you chuckling from start to finish.


Principals (9m, 5f, 6m/f)

  • Fairy Foc’sle - fairy of the sea (f)                                 
  • King Rat - King of all the rats (m)        
  • Captain Cut-throat - wicked pirate leader (m)  
  • Swash - Captain Cutthroat’s henchman (m/f)
  • Buckle - Captain Cutthroat’s henchman (m/f)
  • Captain Crabbe - Captain of the good ship Hispaniola (m)
  • Robinson Crusoe - his nephew (f)
  • Bosun Bilgwater - bosun of the good ship Hispaniola (m)
  • Dame Peggy Flip-Flop - the Dame (m)
  • Taxi Driver - (m/f)
  • D.S.M - (m/f)                           
  • Jack - Dame Peggy Flip-flop’s son (m)
  • Polly - talking parrot (m/f)
  • Dracula - vampire from Transylvania (m)
  • Gorilla - (m/f)
  • Neptune - (m)
  • Neptune’s Wife - (f)
  • Cannibal Kings Daughter - (f)
  • Cannibal King - (m)
  • Cannibal Queen - (f)

Support (8m/f)

Pirate Chorus - Captain Cut-throat’s crew (m/f)

  • Silly Billy
  • Barnacle Bill - (could double with Polly the parrot)
  • Pug
  • Wash
  • Cross
  • Bones
  • Skull
  • Duggery 

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