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Snow White And The Missing Dwarfs

    by Tony Edwards

A One Act Panto



Snow White lives happily with the seven dwarfs Cheery, Grouchy, Drowsy, Blushy, Sniffy, Dippy and Jock. One day, Grouchy, Blushy and Sniffy come running in from the garden saying the other dwarfs had disappeared! They said they saw a Witch waving a Wobbly Wand at them and they just vanished. Grouchy says he thinks the Witch was Snow White’s stepmother who has always been jealous of Snow White’s beauty and wants revenge.

But what is Grouchy waving about? It’s the Wobbly Wand that the Witch dropped, so perhaps they could use it to bring the others back. Snow White asks the audience to look after the Wobbly Wand and move it around between them so that no one else will know who has it.

The problem now is, how does the Wobbly Wand work? Snow White decides to ask Gypsy Mama, a local fortune-teller, if she could help. Gypsy Mama looks into her ‘special information’ book and finds out how to use a Wobbly Wand. Grouchy helps Gypsy Mama to pack her gear up whilst the others dance and sing with joy, throwing the Wobbly Wand to each other. They don’t see the Witch creep up and grab the Wobbly Wand as it flies through the air.

The Witch captures Snow White and the two dwarfs and takes them back to her lair. She says she will send them to the land of Tomorrow where she sent the other four dwarfs. Grouchy returns from his chores to be told by the audience what has just happened. He sets out on a rescue mission, and finally finds out where the others are being held. Snow White says that the only thing that can defeat badness is goodness, but where can they get so much goodness from?

However, they do find some and trick the Witch by covering her with goodness, and she promises to bring the other dwarfs back from the Land of Tomorrow….tomorrow!


One Act: 50 mins approx


Principals (6m, 3f, 4m/f, 1jnr)

  • Snow White
  • Grouchy
  • Sniffy
  • Blushy
  • Gypsy Mama
  • Witch


Extras if required
Trees, gypsies, witch’s helpers

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