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Science Fiction


Revelation Of The Velvet City by Anton Kreuger

(5m, 3f)
A rather sinister portrayal of the murky divide between good and evil, passive and active, order and chaos. The Righteous and The Meek struggle to each gain the upper hand in a battle for survival as the end of the world approaches. The five acts break neatly into the equivalent of a two act play.
Science Fiction Drama Play: 'The Faraday Effect' by Roger Manktelow

The Faraday Effect by Roger Manktelow

(6m, 2f)
In this historical science fiction play, a concealed room is discovered in a derelict house by its new owners. Unlike the rest of the house this room is in remarkably good condition and has not changed since it was sealed over a hundred years ago. As they explore the room, strange things begin to happen and suddenly they are trapped by a force beyond their comprehension. Something weird happened in the room to create this mysterious force, and the only way for them to escape is to find out what that something was, but will they succeed?