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Pint-Sized Plays (Volume 5)

Pint-Sized plays (Volume 5)

Twenty ten minute scripts for small casts, by various playwrights.

  • Battle Lines by Stephanie Weston
  • True To You by Nicky Denovan
  • Smooth Criminals by Simon Birkbeck
  • Time Travel Agent by Tony Domaille
  • Payback by Roger Goldsmith
  • Killing Time by Keith Johnstone
  • Bottle For A Special Occasion by William Kovacsik
  • This Is A True Story by Doc Watson
  • The Power Of The Sandwich by Graham Maclean
  • The Invisible Cat by Barry Wood
  • Too Much Monkey Business by John Moorhouse
  • Mrs Thrale Lays On... Tea! by Rob Taylor
  • Custardy by Neil Walden
  • Dead Cert Society by Tracey Morley
  • The Internal Quadrangle by Hugh Smith
  • A Large Bag Of Chips by Derek Williams
  • Conceited Council Consents by Myles Lind
  • The Granny Case by Doc Watson
  • Fagbutt In The Fishbowl by Derek Webb
  • Michael Caine's Azaleas by Barry Wood

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