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Friends And Neighbours

    by Ron Nicol

Drama Play Script: 'Friends And Neighbours' by Ron Nicol


Fraser is the leader of an inner-city gang and Bugs is his unquestioning follower. Lexy makes fun of them both. Bugs gives the background to the gang, while Fraser tells Lexy how he feels about immigrants to the city. Lexy tells the audience her own views, which stop short of condoning actual violence to asylum seekers. She watches as Rab meets Cordelia, a recent newcomer to the city, noticeable by her non-local accent. The two strike up a friendship, which makes Lexy jealous. She teases Delia about her ‘posh’ name. Fraser, Bugs and Lexy gang up on Delia, but Delia pushes Fraser over and escapes.

Fraser, Lexy and Bugs are seen assaulting someone in the street. Delia reads about the incident and argues with Rab about refugees and racism, storming off when he refuses to see her point of view. However, Rab tackles Fraser about what Delia has said, and decides to leave the gang.

Fraser and Bugs again assault someone, although Bugs helps the victim to get away. Fraser justifies his extreme views to the audience and shows Bugs a knife he’d used in the attack. Lexy tells Fraser his victim is now in hospital, and because she’s jealous suggests that Delia informed the police about Fraser’s involvement in the attack. Fraser confronts Delia, who denies saying anything to the police, while Lexy tells her that Rab is the gang leader.

Delia confronts Rab about this and storms off, while Bugs reveals that he was the one who informed the police. In the final scene, Fraser confronts Rab and stabs him.


45-50 mins approx


(3m, 2f, 1m non speaking)

  • Fraser - leader of an inner-city gang
  • Bugs - his loyal supporter
  • Lexy - Rab’s former girlfriend
  • Rab - member of the gang
  • Delia - newcomer to the city
  • The victim - (non-speaking)

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