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Babes In The Wood

    by Tony Edwards


Pantomime Script: 'Babes In The Wood' by Tony Edwards

The tale of good, bold Robin Hood!  History is bent and stretched a bit in this fast moving tale of treachery and intrigue. 

Nursie looks after the Babes, Amy and Adam, but the bad Prince John wants the Babes killed so that he can inherit King Richard’s throne.

Two wicked robbers, Horace and Humphrey, are hired to kidnap and kill the Babes, but they are not really up to the job, and the Babes escape.

The nasty Sheriff of Nottingham tries all sorts of evil schemes to catch Robin Hood and the Merrie Men, but with the help of Fairy Starlight and Monty the Mole, good overcomes evil, and the return of King Richard from the Crusades puts paid to the baddie’s plans! Robin marries Maid Marion and all is at peace in Sherwood Forest.
This panto (with a slightly different story) is available as a shorter children's show


Principals (12m, 4f, 5m/f)

  • Robin Hood - (m/f)                
  • Maid Marion - (f)                  
  • Amy - one of the babes (f)                             
  • Adam- one of the babes (m)                         
  • Nursie - the Dame (m)                       
  • Pom Pom - (m/f)                    
  • Monty - (m/f)
  • Sir Kickum - (m)                     
  • Horace - (m)                          
  • Humphrey - (m)                                
  • Sheriff of Nottingham - (m)            
  • King (Prince) John - (m)                  
  • Queen Miserella - (f)            
  • Herald - (m/f)            
  • Fairy Starlight - (f)               
  • Evil Weaver - (m/f prefer m as contrast to Fairy)                 
  • Friar Tuck - (m)                    
  • Little John - (m)                    
  • Will Scarlett - (m)                             
  • Alan a Dale - (m)                   
  • Much the Miller’s Son - (m)   
Support (1m)
King Richard (m) together with Villagers, Guards, School Kids, Animals, Dolls, Adult chorus

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