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Snow White

    by Peter Mitcheson, June Stevens & Annette Ward


Pantomime: 'Snow White' by Mitcheson, Stevens & Ward

Mirror Mirror, glass of rhyme, what is the funniest pantomime?
Snow White’s the story that you seek. Linger here and take a peek.

A hapless two named Watt and Ware, who first we meet at this May Fair,
Take our dear Snow with raven locks, to put her heart into a box!

She runs and runs deep in the wood until she finds a cottage good.
Eight gnomes are there, each with their merits, tickling us into hysterics!

There should be seven, but from the mist, a strange gnome comes to give a twist …
No no, I can’t see our secrets slipped, what you should do is read the script!


(2m, 2f, 11m/f plus chorus) There is no Dame character in this panto.

  • Snow White - a sweet young girl (f)
  • Prince Edwin (m)
  • Queen Cryptella - beautiful but evil (f)
  • Watt and Ware - comedy duo, both should look the part, Watt is marginally the ring leader, Ware is more gormless and should be completely ‘over the top’ eg bright, colourful and outlandish with a shock of coloured hair sticking out in all directions. (2 x m/f)
  • Chamberlain (m/f)
  • Gnomes - each with their own distinct character, way of walking, behaving and reacting as their names suggest: Bossy, Grouchy, Cheeky, Dizzy, Weepy, Brainy, Mucky (7 x m/f)
  • Eddy - Prince Edwin transformed (could be played by the same or a different actor) (m)
  • Mirror - voice only until the end when (optionally) revealed as the Mirror Character with one line on stage (could be played by a well know person or if preferred the Mirror voice could be doubled and the Mirror Character could be a child dressed as an Imp or Pixie) (m/f)
Chorus: Adult - Villagers including Lucy Luxom, Courtiers (some can double as gnomes) and Junior - Village Children including Lily, Scouts/Guides/Cubs and Brownies

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