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Young Cast Plays

We have a range of plays for young actors aged approximately between 8 and 16 that are challenging, informative and interesting. Above this age, young people often prefer to appear in titles from our general catalogue.

We don't believe in offering you plays for children that are simplistic and anodyne.
Our view is that your students should be challenged and entertained, hopefully giving them an enduring interest in the performing arts.

Black Comedy (One Act)


The Secret by Joy Davis

(4m, 7f, 5m/f) Large Cast
Three friends hire the local village hall to write a murder mystery.  Their ideas are acted out and as their script develops so do the characters with Colonel Blaggard, who is a bigamist, turning into a black-mailed, bible-bashing serial killer.  With the body count rising by the minute, the police are called in to solve the murders but only add to the mayhem!  A hugely entertaining black comedy for both the actors and audience alike.

Comedic Drama (One Act)


Once Upon A Nursery Crime by Cheryl Barrett

(6m, 8f, 5m/f) 35 mins approx
Ideal for schools and youth theatre, this is a cautionary rhyming tale of Red Riding-Hoodie and her nemesis, Biggbad Wolf. Biggbad is in court accused of threatening behaviour towards Red. He uses all his wolfly wiles to charm the jury and clear his name. But with a twist in the tale, there’s more to this case than at first thought.

Comedy (One Act)


The Fictional Five And The Mummy’s Curse by Simon Rayner Davis

(8m, 6f, 7m/f) 40 mins approx Large Cast (doubling possible)
Sarah, Harriet, Lucinda, Roland and Teddy, the Fictional Five, are all enjoying a fab, super, spiffing trip when their horses are attacked in the middle of a spooky forest, and they have to seek refuge in the House of Wendy.  This is no fun place but rather a horror house run by a cursing Mummy and some equally infamous horror characters all of whom have taken an instant liking to our Fictional Five… quite literally.


The Lucky Strike by Simon Rayner Davis

(6m, 8f) 50 mins approx Large Cast
The gold mining town of Bedrock Falls is about to have its peace shattered by the meanest, ugliest, most terrifyin’ bunch of outlaws you could ever wish to meet, the Greedy Gulch Gang. Or should that be the three Tucson Twins? Can Rooster Brewster and his new deputy, Dead Eye Doc save the day, will the Stranger with No Name claim the bounty instead, or will Tom, the Lucky Strike’s bartender have the last say?

Fantasy (One Act)

Youth One Act Comedy Play: 'Molly Whuppie And The Double Faced Ogre' by Ron Nicol

Molly Whuppie And The Double-Faced Ogre by Ron Nicol

(4m, 3f) 45 mins approx
Molly Whuppie uses her wits to escape an Ogre's clutches, but when Prince Wilfrid falls in love with her, King Walter has better things in mind for his son. He challenges Molly to steal the Ogre's sword, purse and ring of power, hoping she'll become the Ogre's favourite meal - girlie grilled on toast! Hampered by the Prince, Molly sets out on her task. She succeeds and all ends happily - except for the Ogre! (A full length version of this play is available as 'Molly Whuppie')

Youth One Act Fantasy Play: 'The Spirit OF Burd Ellen' by Ron Nicol

The Spiriting Of Burd Ellen by Ron Nicol

(4m, 3f, 3m/f plus many other characters) 45 mins approx
When his sister Burd Ellen mysteriously disappears, Childe Rowland consults the wizard Merlin, who suspects that she might have been spirited away by Elves. Rowland sets out alone on a perilous journey to the Dark Tower, and after a series of odd encounters in the Land of Faery finally comes face to face with the awesome and all-powerful King of Elfland. Rowland manages to outwit the King and rescue his sister. (A full length version of this play is available as 'Childe Rowland')

Fantasy (Full Length)

Youth One Act Fantasy Play: 'Childe Rowland' by Ron Nicol

Childe Rowland by Ron Nicol

(5m, 9f)
When Burd Ellen mysteriously disappears, Childe Rowland consults the wizard Merlin, who suspects that she might have been spirited away by Elves. Rowland sets out on a perilous – and hilarious - journey to the Dark Tower to rescue his sister. After a succession of odd encounters in the Land of Faery, Rowland enters the Dark Tower – and comes face to face with the awesome and all-powerful King of Elfland.  (A one act version of this play is available as 'The Spiriting Of Burd Ellen')

Youth Comedy Play: 'Molly Whuppie' by Ron Nicol

Molly Whuppie by Ron Nicol

(5m, 9f)
Molly Whuppie uses her wits to escape an Ogre's clutches. When Prince Wilfrid falls in love with her, King Walter challenges Molly to steal the Ogre's sword, purse and ring of power, while Molly’s sisters Mavis and Maisie accompany Queen Wilhelmina’s champion Cuthbert on a quest to capture the Ogre. Though hampered by the hapless Prince, Molly carries out her task and makes a triumphant return to the palace. (A one act version of this play is available as 'Molly Whuppie' And The Double-Faced Ogre')

Drama (One Act)

Drama Play: 'Best Of Enemies' by Ron Nicol

Best Of Enemies by Ron Nicol

(3m, 2f) 45 mins
The sequel to ‘Friends and Neighbours’. Fraser is in prison, having stabbed Rab in the mistaken belief that Rab had betrayed him to the police. Bugs, Lexy and Delia were involved in the events leading up to the stabbing, and a year later they unexpectedly meet. Fraser escapes from prison and attempts to track them down, leading to unlikely alliances, violent confrontations and ultimate heartbreak.

Drama Play: 'Children Of The Revolution' by Tom Casling

Children Of The Revolution by Tom Casling

(5m, 4njr-m, 2jnr-f) 50 mins
This is a play about young people, and the power of young people to make a stand and to rally others to a worthy cause.  It is also about a charismatic individual who inspires those young people to look outside their own experiences and to see others who are in a much worse situation than their own. Together they challenge the status quo and manage to bring about change but not without a huge cost to themselves.

Drama Play: 'Friends And Neighbours' by Ron Nicol

Friends And Neighbours by Ron Nicol

(3m, 2f, 1m non-speaking) 45-50 mins
Fraser is the ultimate bully, leading his teenage gang in racial attacks and hounding anyone who dares to stand up to him. Then Rab meets Delia, an English girl who encourages him to challenge Fraser’s racist views. Bugs and Lexy, Rab’s ex-girlfriend, are forced to examine their own beliefs when Fraser stabs an immigrant. Thinking Rab has betrayed him to the police, Fraser wants revenge and rushes headlong towards confrontation and tragedy. The play can be set in any town or city. The local accent can be used, with Cordelia’s accent noticeably different.


Getting The Breaks by Derek Webb

(3m, 3f, with 1 voice)
This is a one act youth play about growing up, the change that young people have to face and how they cope with them. Simply staged, the cast are all teenagers with the exception of Miss Priestley who should be early 20s.  There is also one pre-recorded voice. 

Drama Play Script: 'Jessie's Tree' by Bev Clark

Jessie's Tree by Bev Clark

(11 jnr-m, 11 jnr-f) 55 mins approx Large Cast
A journey through the 20th century, seen through the eyes of young people. Themes of grief, war, growing-up and family history are explored over four time periods: the winter of 1918, the spring of 1940, the summer of 1967 and the autumn of 1999. From the end of the First World War until the dawn of the new Millennium this is a piece for young people aged 11-18 to commemorate and celebrate a century of learning about the way we are all connected.

Youth Drama Play: 'Kilmainham Kids' by Paul Sherman

Kilmainham Kids by Paul Sherman

(3m adult, 3m, 3f juniors) 50 mins approx
The play is set in Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol, in the 1850s. Six children (ages 10-16) have been imprisoned for nothing worse than trying to stay alive by stealing bread and clothes. One of them has a grievance about another, and demands ‘a trial’. Enter Con Colbert, 1916 uprising rebel, sentenced to be shot. He spends his last moments with the children and affects them all. After his execution, the neat 'time-twist' is revealed that links the two events.

Drama Play Script: 'Make Me Invisible' by Bev Clark

Make Me Invisible by Bev Clark

(2m, 1f with large ensemble cast) 40-45 mins approx Large Cast
From as far back as he can remember the Boy didn’t fit in. He thought the other kids hated him and his mum didn’t understand him. Everything was a struggle. All he wanted was to be invisible. Narrated by the Boy as his older self and his younger self, we see how he views his world of animal gangs and star filled skies. With themes of bullying, isolation and growing up, this is a large ensemble piece with elements of physical theatre for 8-18yr olds.


Sticky by Les Clarke

(4m, 3f) 40-45 mins approx Multi-award-winning play. 
Rob, doesn’t like to drink, he prefers to read, so he is ostracised by his friends. Sticky, is a loner and likes to write poetry, she too, is given a hard time by her class mates. Rob and Sticky accidentally meet and that causes problems for everyone else

Drama Play Script: 'The Black Eyes' by Bev Clark

The Black Eyes by Bev Clark

(10m, 7f, 1m/f) 30 mins approx Large Cast
A short one-act play for young people, based upon a popular myth that originated in the USA. It explores elements of horror, physical theatre and stylized ensemble work to create a chilling atmosphere of suspense: offering a director infinite possibilities in performance. This play won Best One Act Play for Young People in 2015 and was a winner in the youth section at the central region of the All England Theatre Festival, 2016. It has been performed in England and Ireland where it is on the Youth Theatre of Ireland’s play-share reading list.

Drama Play Script: 'The Edge' by Ron Nicol

The Edge by Ron Nicol

(1m, 1f 30-40 mins approx
A young man is on the roof of a high building, contemplating throwing himself over the edge. A young woman finds him there and initiates a conversation, but her readiness to slip into fantasies sounds a warning note. The young man eventually leaves the roof, apparently having come to terms with his difficulties - but the girl is fixated with death and does what she’d planned to do all along.


The Hard Yards by Tony Layton

(8/9m, 7f, 0/2m/f) Large Cast
Danny is a bright, high achiever and appears to be on track for a successful academic career, but he has to juggle with exam stress, dealing with parents, keeping fit, coming to terms with his own sexuality and getting to know the opposite sex. His strong admiration for Helen changes his life forever when she experiences a profound trauma and, deeply concerned, Danny abandons all conformity. There are two versions : one, has extracts from Shakespeare; the other has no Shakespeare and uses two characters (’Black’ & ‘White’) to symbolise the struggle between good and evil.


The Story Of Kylie And Rick by Tony Layton

(1m, 1f principals, 24 m/f support) Large Cast
Two errant teenagers come to grief after stealing a car with a baby inside. A large cast, no set, play for teenagers that explores the contemporary issues surrounding shoplifting, car theft, breaking and entering etc amongst youngsters with deprived backgrounds.

Drama (Full Length)

logo-na-100x100.jpg None.


Science Fiction / Ecology (Full Length)


Ragtime Band by Tony Layton

(2m, 2f, 2m/f)
A group of people is trying to exist on the Earth after a non-nuclear holocaust. Their memories and sense of humour help to sustain them, through what is probably the end of civilisation. 'Ragtime Band' can be used as the start of an ecological awareness campaign, or as reinforcement of the issues within existing studies. It has a clear message, starkly portraying a bleak, but not quite hopeless existence, written in an understandable and enjoyable way.