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    by Ron Nicol


Pantomime Script: 'Cinderella' by Ron Nicol

Cinderella is the drudge of the household while her domineering step-mother Countess Verucca and step-sisters Hysteria and Amnesia have all the fun. Her only friend is Buttons. Hysteria and Amnesia enjoy ordering Cinderella about, telling her to stop the cockerel crowing in the mornings and giving her a list of tasks to do.

King Bilious and Dandini arrange a Masked Ball to allow unmarried Prince Charming to meet eligible ladies, and an invitation is to sent to the Veruccas. The Countess, Hysteria and Amnesia go to the ball, leaving Cinderella behind, but Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother appears and by magic helps her to go to the ball, warning her to leave by midnight. At the ball, Hysteria attempts to monopolise the Prince, but once he meets Cinderella he falls in love with her. At midnight Cinderella leaves without revealing her identity.

Unable to find out who the mysterious lady was, King Bilious and Dandini arrange a second ball. On this occasion the Countess makes advances to Bilious while Amnesia takes her turn at monopolising the Prince. Again Cinderella attends thanks to her Godmother. At midnight she runs away from the palace, losing one of her slippers on the way.

Bilious and Dandini visit every household in the area, trying to find the owner of the slipper. At the Verucca home, Hysteria, Amnesia and the Countess all try on the slipper, and insist that there are no other ladies in the house. However, Buttons finds the second slipper, and Cinderella’s Godmother appears and reveals that Cinderella is the mysterious lady. Despite frantic attempts by the Veruccas, the Prince meets Cinderella and love eventually triumphs.

Reviews have described this version of “Cinderella” as “panto magic” and “a joyful show’.


(7m, 3f, 11m/f)

  • Buttons (m)
  • Cinderella (f)
  • Countess Verucca - her stepmother (m)
  • Hysteria - Cinderella’s stepsister (m)
  • Amnesia - Cinderella’s stepsister (m)
  • Herald (m/f)
  • King Bilious (m)
  • Prince Charming - his son (m)
  • Dandini - the King’s adviser (m/f)
  • Messenger (m/f)
  • Fairy Godmother (f)
  • Coachman (m/f)
  • First Footman (m/f)
  • Second Footman (m/f)
  • First Guest (m/f)
  • Second Guest (m/f)
  • Third Guest (m/f)
  • Fourth Guest (m/f)
  • Officer (m)
  • Guard (m/f)
  • Cinderella’s Double (non speaking) (f)

Chorus of Lords, Ladies, Servants etc

In true pantomime style several characters, especially the Principals, can be male or female, depending on the casting preferences of the performing company.

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