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The Black Eyes

    by Bev Clark


Drama Play Script: 'The Black Eyes' by Bev ClarkAmerica – 1990s. Four witnesses give their accounts of a phenomenon they have encountered: creatures, which they believed to be innocent children but these children are different for they have no eyes – only black holes.

Were they Aliens? Zombies? Ghosts or something else? All they learn is they must not let them in. From the man in his car at the gas station to the housewife alone in her kitchen, these are terrifying accounts.  TV and radio debates discuss how the stories are spreading across the USA fuelled by the internet.  An urban myth is growing momentum across the world – but what is the truth?

Stories of a young baby sitter frozen to death by fear. A young shop girl, accosted by the “children” as she was closing up, is found dead the next morning. An old janitor is lured into a lift only to disappear. A young Deacon, trying to help what he thinks are homeless kids in need of shelter, is told chilling stories by the Priest, who believes they are messengers of the Devil himself.

Still, no one really knows.

Marty Leeman is a lonely child; his family too busy to take notice. Marty believes he has made new friends but the Black Eyes, winning his trust, are invited in and Marty is gone forever. Are the Black Eyes really here to steal your soul? Well, whatever you do – Don’t Let Them In!!!

An ensemble piece, offering physical theatre techniques, movement and dramatic effects.


30 mins approx


(8m, 3f, 7m/f)

  • Witness
  • Witness
  • Witness
  • Witness
  • Black-Eyed Kid
  • Black-Eyed Kid
  • Black-Eyed Kid  
  • Laurie
  • Mrs Waverley
  • Charlie
  • Jackie
  • Harry
  • Sammy
  • Priest
  • Deacon
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Alice
  • Marty
Other narrators and storytellers

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