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Snow White

    by Doreen Moger

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions


Panto Script: 'Snow White' by Doreen Moger

This pantomime follows closely the story of the wicked Queen, the Magic Mirror on the wall, a bewitched huntsman ordered to kill Snow White, friendly animals, a poisoned apple a cottage in the woods full of gnomes (yes, garden gnomes, not dwarfs!) and finally a kiss from a passing Prince to round everything off nicely.

Add to this Dame Murgatroyd, her son, Wot, with Lester the Jester and some kindly forest animals, and you’ve got all the ingredients you need for your next successful pantomime production.


(6m, 4f, 8m/f)
  • King Hector : King of Pleasant-land. Mature, pleasant, bumbling King. Downtrodden by Queen Eldread, but loved by Mrs Murgatroyd. (m)
  • Queen : His unpleasant wife. Wicked Queen, tall, haughty, but attractive. (f)
  • Snow White : His lovely daughter. Principal girl, sweet and kind. Needs a good singing voice. (f)
  • Mrs Murgatroyd : Landlady of the Hunt Hostelry. Dame, raucous and overpowering, but gentle with King Hector. (m)
  • Wot : Her son. Young lad, dim. Comedian, needs good rapport with audience. (m)
  • Lester : The Court Jester. Comic, lively similar to Wot, but has more brain! (m)
  • Prince Rupert : Principal boy. Suitable age for Snow White. Good singing voice. (m/f)
  • Grant : The Huntsman. age. Good build. Rough character. (m)
  • Wishing Well Fairy : Typical panto fairy. (f)
  • Wizard Blackheart : The Queen’s Magician. Looks old. Used to be wicked but is past it now! Bumbling, unsteady on his feet, forgetful. (m)
  • Old Hag : The Queen’s Evil double. Can double with Queen if necessary. Looks old, bent over, querulous voice. (f)
  The Seven Gnomes:

    Bossy, Basher, Sleepy, Sneezy, Greedy, Happy & Dopey : Garden gnomes, Guardians of the Forest. Can be played by juveniles, or full sized adults. If played by juveniles, play it as written, but if played by adults, play it for laughs and ‘ham it up.’ (m/f)

  Chorus of Villagers, Serving Wenches, Huntsmen & women, animals & tree spirits. Beatrix Potter animals.

Customers in Australia and New Zealand should contact David Spicer Productions

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