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Molly Whuppie And The Double-Faced Ogre

    by Ron Nicol

Third Place - 2003 SCDA Moray Firth District Youth Festival (Dingwall Academy)
Youth Winner, Adjudicator’s Award & Audience Award -
2003 SCDA Falkirk District Festival (Young Portonian Theatre Co)
Finalist - 2003 SCDA Eastern Division Final (Young Portonian Theatre Co)
Youth Winner - 2003 SCDA Eastern Division Youth Final (Young Portonian Theatre Co)
Finalist - 2003 SCDA Scottish National Youth Final (Young Portonian Theatre Co)
Third Place - 2007 Montgomery YFC Drama Festival (Dolfor Young Farmers Club)


Youth One Act Comedy Play: 'Molly Whuppie And The Double Faced Ogre' by Ron Nicol

Molly Whuppie is abandoned in the forest. Arriving at an Ogre’s house, she begs for food and shelter and is taken in by the Ogre’s wife and her daughter Olga, despite their warnings that the Ogre will eat her. The Ogre allows Molly to stay, but insists that she wears a necklace of straw and shares Olga’s bed for the night. Suspecting a trick, Molly exchanges her straw necklace for Olga’s golden one and pretends to sleep. The Ogre creeps into the room, identifies the two girls by their necklaces, and beats Olga with his cudgel. Molly takes the opportunity to escape, leaving the Ogre and his wife to discover their mistake.

Meanwhile, Molly meets Prince Wilfrid, who takes her to meet his father King Walter, announcing that he loves Molly and wants to marry her. The King’s adviser Balderdash suggests that Molly should be set a task to prove her suitability to marry the Prince. King Walter challenges her to steal the Ogre’s sword, purse and ring of power, hoping that she’ll be killed and eaten by the Ogre. Accompanied by Wilfrid, Molly sets out on her task.

Though hampered by the hapless Prince, Molly manages to steal the sword, purse and ring, but is captured by the Ogre, who puts her in a sack and goes off to fetch his cudgel. Molly persuades the Ogre’s wife to exchange places in the sack, and hides. The Ogre returns and beats the sack – realising too late that he’s cudgelling his wife. On her release she proceeds to beat him instead.

On their triumphant return to the palace, despite resistance from King Walter and Balderdash, Molly agrees to marry Prince Wilfrid and all ends happily – except for the Ogre.

A full length version of this play is available as 'Molly Whuppie'

".. a light-hearted fairy tale with a modern slant, it is delightful and charming - a modern day pantomime. Mocking convention it is hugely enjoyable to watch. The audience were so reluctant to say goodbye to Molly and her gang." (SCDA Scene at the 2003 Scottish National Youth Final)

 ‘… funny, lively … went down a treat with the audience…’ (SCDA ‘Scene’)


45 mins approx


(4m, 3f)

  • Molly Whuppie: a bold and clever girl
  • Olga: the Ogre’s Daughter
  • The Ogre’s Wife
  • The Ogre
  • Prince Wilfrid: a would-be dashing hero
  • King Walter: his father
  • Balderdash: the King’s adviser

Non-speaking courtiers and attendants could appear in the palace scenes at the director’s discretion.

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