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A Little Panto On The Prairie

    by Rich Lock


Panto Script: 'A Little Panto On The Prairie' by Rich LockWelcome to the wild, wild west and the town of Windy Bottom, the setting for Rich Lock's new, original, pantomime.

Madame Moonshine runs the local saloon with her hapless barman, Tumbleweed. The evil sheriff, Cactus Jack, has plans to take over the saloon and turn it into a casino and will stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

This involves hiring a couple of Mexican henchmen, Jose and Hose B to kidnap our heroine, Sandy, and keeping her as a threat in the old abandoned mine to prevent our hero, Buck the cowboy, from winning the Cowboy Derby, because if Sheriff Jack wins he will be able to evict Madame and get his evil hands on the saloon.

Tumbleweed enlists the magical help of a very unlikely Fairy Saddle-Sore when he 'rescues' her from a well. All sorts of mayhem ensues with every pun, corny joke, risque comment and laugh possible squeezed out of a very clever, funny script.

Characters (5m, 3f, 7m/f)

Principals : 3m, 2f, 5m/f

  • Madame Moonshine - the dame, big, bold and brash (m)
  • Sandy - our heroine, a typical damsel in distress (f)
  • Buck the Cowboy - our hero, rough, rugged and brave (m/f)
  • Silent Bob - a mute cowboy, but does speak briefly at the end (m)
  • Tumbleweed - the village idiot; stupid, in a funny kind of way (m)
  • Sheriff Cactus Jack - our villain, dastardly, devious and devilish (m/f)
  • José & Hose B - two dim-witted Mexican goons, the sheriff's sidekicks (m/f)
  • Fairy Saddle-Sore - a modern take on a classic panto fairy (f)
  • Big Chief Pow Wow How Now Brown Cow - a large man, chief of the Indian tribe (m)

Support : 2m, 1f, 2m/f

  • Grandpa/Grandma - narrator with a strong southern states accent (m/f)
  • Tom-Tom - Big Chiefs’ young son (m)
  • Announcer - the host/presenter of the Windy Bottom Cowboy Derby (m/f)
  • Hugh Garse - a jockey in the Cowboy Derby (m)
  • Di O’Rear - a jockey in the Cowboy Derby (f)
  • A Rabbit - appears at various times throughout and walks/hops across the stage, has a short one line joke at the end. (This child's m/f part is not included in the numerical totals as it is expected to be a member of the chorus)
  Chorus of townsfolk and Indian braves and squaws

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