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    by Richard Hills


Pantomime: 'Aladdin' by Richard Hills

Abenazar, High Priest of Akhnaton, returns from the Valley Of The Kings to claim the Magic Lamp. Kidnapping the Emperor’s daughter, he takes her to Egypt to be his bride.

Many hilarious comedy scenes take place between Widow Twankey, Wishee Washee, Ping & Pong, Princess Pretty Sing, Cleopatra and many others as the cast travel from Egypt to China and back.


7m, 5f, 5m/f   (plus Chorus & Dancers)

Principals (6m, 5f, 4m/f)

  • Abenazar : an Egyptian magician
  • Widow Twankey : Dame, owner of the Chinese Laundry
  • Aladdin : Principal Boy, son of Widow Twankey
  • Ping & Pong : two incompetent policemen (2 x m/f)
  • Grand Vizier : Lord High Everything
  • Wishee Washee : Widow Twankey's other, less capable, son
  • Princess Pretty Sing : Principal Girl, daughter of Emperor
  • So Hi & So Lo : the Princess's two handmaidens
  • Emperor Flung Hi : Old Emperor of China
  • Empress Kow Tow : the Emperor's wife
  • Slave Of The Ring (m/f)
  • Genie Of The Lamp (m/f)
  • Cleopatra

Support (1m, 1m/f)

  • Servant (m/f)_
  • Voice of Akhnaton

Together with a Chorus of guards, dragon, insects, Egyptians, slaves, servants and dancers, together with Chinese shoppers and market vendors.

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