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Musical Fantasy Comedy: 'Beach Blanket Tempest' by Watkins & Harriott

Beach Blanket Tempest by Watkins & Harriott

Principals : 5m, 4f     Support : 5m (plus Chorus)
A re-working of Shakespeare's The Tempest as a musical in the vein of ‘Return To The Forbidden Planet’ It's a stupendous show jam-packed with thumpingly catchy ballads and tunes, beautiful love duets, thrashing sixties rock, and even a visit from The Supremes. The central character is Vince Prospero; he is the 'Duke Of Rock ‘N Roll', a superstar of Elvis proportions, marooned on an island with his gorgeous daughter, Annette. Their ‘spirit’ is Gidget, a genie released not from a tree, but from a bottle. The ‘other resident’ is Moondoggie, a delinquent teenage punk biker. Just as in Shakespeare’s Tempest, a wild storm is whipped up to bring the evil brother and his cohorts to the island, with Vince Prospero setting up a series of tests, designed to reveal Tony Prospero’s true evil character.

Musical Theatre: 'Rock Apocalypse' by Haynes & Cross

Rock Apocalypse by Haynes & Cross

Principals : 6m, 3f, 1m/f     Support : 1m, 4f (plus Chorus)
A rock 'n roll party show, a parody and tongue-in-cheek tribute to horror and sci-fi B-movies from the 1950’s to the present day. A rock 'n roll star nearly dies in a plane crash, but is brought back to life in a futuristic clinic having been 're-built' and augmented by a mad doctor. They plan now to rule the world by using mind control delivered over television transmissions, but haven't factored in the determination of two young newlyweds who mistakenly check in as marriage guidance patients. Though intended to be strictly for pleasure, Rock Apocalyse is also a sharp satire of our mass-media driven culture where our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions are constantly altered by the barrage of ‘advice’ from advertising, film and TV.