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Comedic Drama

Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Almost Forever But' by Robert Farquhar

Almost Forever But by Robert Farquhar

(2m, 2f) 80 mins approx
Denise is forty, and lonely, and living in London. She has a string of failed relationships and is wondering what to do with her life. She is returning home one evening when she picks up an impulsive, young man, Paul, hitch-hiking. His life is in a moment of extreme change. This chance meeting is the beginning of an intense, deeply romantic experience that will shake both of them to the core.

Comedy Drama Play Script: 'In The Shadow Of The Mountain' by Felicity Huxley-Miners

In The Shadow Of The Mountain by Felicity Huxley-Miners

(1m, 1f) 90 mins approx
Rob stands on the edge of oblivion just as the chaotic Ellie careers into his life. They desperately need each other but is Ellie, who’s struggling with her own Borderline Personality Disorder, really the best person to try and help?

Comedic Drama Play Script: 'Mr Laurel And Mr Hardy' by David Robinson

Mr Laurel And Mr Hardy  by David Robinson

(2m) 60 mins approx
The most popular comedy double act of all time, seen through the eyes of a couple of theatre stage hands. An affectionate tribute to two evergreen stars of the silver screen. Towards the twilight of their career Stan and Ollie toured around British theatres to great acclaim. Their friendship, their struggles, their performances are viewed and enjoyed by a couple of wide-eyed theatre stage crew members. Includes some of the ‘boys favourite routines and songs.

Comedic Drama Play Script: 'That Was All' by Francis Grin

That Was All  by Francis Grin

(1m, 1f) 60 mins approx
A woman tries to find herself in different people, meditations, diets, therapies – but nothing really changes. When she meets ‘El Divino’, a world-renowned healer, she’s not expecting much. And as predicted, the healing feels like a sham. He’s got nothing to cure her with. Or does he? “That Was All” is a one woman show which tackles issues of grief, identity and the possibility of self-acceptance in a chaotic world.