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Dreams And Delusions (Vol 2)

Three scripts in one ...

Movers - Four removal men are clearing the large Cartwright house on the hill, a once powerful industrial dynasty, now reduced to bankruptcy. The play is a symbol of all our destinies - the great can crumble and the weak can survive, especially if they are sustained by a sense of humour. We all have our tragedies, we usually survive, and life moves on. If you have the ability to laugh at yourself, it helps.

Something Beginning With C - Mike is a 'Jack-the-lad', living his life in pubs, each night with a different girl. One day he is diagnosed with cancer. To start with he carries on as before, but the decision whether to change his lifestyle or carry on as before, weighs heavily on him.

Digs - Sara catches Ben with her drunk sister wrapped round him and throws him out. Forced to take lodgings, Ben arrives at the house of Mrs Schiller. With spartan accomodation and an ageing Austrian landlady, Ben is plunged into a bizarre series of conversations and flashbacks. His wild imagination portrays her as a Teutonic prison warder after she takes away all his clothes, and his inability to leave the room until she returns them lets him take stock of his married life.