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Stitched Up

    by Robin Johnson


Comedy Play Script: 'Stitched Up' by Robin Johnson

Doctor Frankenstein created a monster. The monster escaped, and ... then what? Something about a bride? And an angry mob. There was definitely a mob at some point, with pitchforks. There have been so many different versions of the Frankenstein story, even the original characters don’t know what’s real any more.

'Stitched Up' is a darkly comic, metafictional dissection of Mary Shelley’s masterpiece. It begins as a monologue by Victor Frankenstein, recounting his experiences as a mad scientist in the style of a recovered drug user describing his addiction. He is interrupted by the bickering Creature, a French peasant, a mad science professor, and the Bride of Frankenstein, who was only half-completed in the book but was brought to life in the film franchise. Each character retells their part of the story from their own perspective and tries to justify their place in the canon.

The play ends farcically, with Victor angrily decrying the series of movie sequels and spin-offs that degraded his story from tragedy to cheap horror, and the Professor attempting to steal the academic credit for the monsters’ creation.

"My name is Victor Frankenstein, and I am a mad scientist."

'Stitched Up' - a one act comedy play from Stagescripts Ltd


45 mins approx


(4m, 1f)

Victor Frankenstein
The Creature
The Bride
De Lacy - a French peasant (m)
The Professor - Victor's university tutor (m)
Note : De Lacy and The Professor can easily be doubled

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